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resort ’12: nautical, dude

I know Resort collections are for rich people who can afford to take their chartered planes to St. Barts for the month of February, but I like them because they come out in summer and give me ideas for the current season.

Nautical motifs are a no-brainer for Resort because everyone is lying around on their yachts in the South of France, and there were a lot of looks rocked in the cradle of the deep for ’12:

Yves St Laurent


Douglas Hannant

L to R: Sonia Rykiel, A.L.C., ADAM, Moschino Cheap & Chic


romper room

If you couldn’t have guessed, I’m a sucker for a heart motif.  I also really love rompers (because I’m lazy), so this is one of my favorite pieces right now:

I got my hyper-oversized Fakefarers at the indoor swapmeet in Compton; I like them because they’re sorta cartoony and you know that’s my shit.

Forever 21 romper, scarf, and chain-detail bucket bag, Mossimo for Target cardigan, Stop Staring! patent belt, Breckelle’s suedette platforms, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square (my go-to red lipstick).

summertime girl groups mix tape

Either ’60s girl groups put me in a summer mood, or summer puts me in a ’60s girl groups mood — whichever it is, I figured I’d share a summer mix tape with you guys.  These are all ’60s girl songs, mostly about boys and summer and love and dancing, and they all feel so summery to me they practically smell like Banana Boat.  Every song is totally danceable —  put this mix on at your next barbecue, bonfire, or beach blanket bingo sesh.

Summertime Girl Groups Mix Tape via Mediafire — sort by date to get them in the order below:

1. Lookin’ For Boys – The Pinups
2. He Was Really Sayin’ Somethin’ – The Velvelettes
3. Boys – The Shirelles
4. Dream Boy – Jackie DeShannon
5. She Don’t Deserve You – The Honey Bees
6. I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy – The What Four
7. Steady Boyfriend – April Young
8. Needle in a Haystack – The Velvelettes
9. I Have A Boyfriend – The Chiffons
10. Funnel Of Love – Wanda Jackson
11. Don’t Ever Leave Me – Connie Francis
12. Sophisticated Boom Boom – The Goodies
13. Egyptian Shumba – The Tammys

Enjoy!  ♥

why slutwalk matters

Zoe Nicholson is a women’s rights and LGBT activist and one of my feminist heroes.  I’m also very fortunate to be able to call her a personal friend.  In 1982, Zoe fasted for 37 days in support of the Equal Rights Amendment (and wrote about it in her memoir, The Hungry Heart).  Last year she was forcibly removed from a public forum by President Obama’s security team for speaking up against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and recently she was featured in the documentary March On! about the fight for marriage rights.  Zoe spoke at the West Hollywood SlutWalk a couple of weeks ago, and when I asked her to write about it for Cartoon Heart, she happily obliged:

On the phone last week, with a very prominent woman who is president of a very famous organization, I almost lost it. I told her I was really proud to have spoken at SlutWalk Los Angeles, and she said she could not support anything with the word “slut” in it. EXACTLY THE POINT, I shouted. Whoa, I didn’t mean to shout, but really, really.

I have the good fortune to be 62, which places me right in the middle of two different waves of American women. I am not old enough to be a founder of the Second Wave of the women’s movement (ends in 1975), and I am young enough to be plugged in to the intersecting highway of the modern day equality movement. Mostly I find myself with a foot in each, serving as a translator, but some days, when they are missing one another entirely, I do just freak out.

I have been trying to figure out what is the crux of the problem, and I think it is that each of these generations of women have different history, different tools and entirely different issues. In 1966 a woman needed a man’s signature for a mortgage and could not get a credit card. There were no women’s studies classes or women’s health clinics. Back then gender was called sex and there were only two varieties talked about in polite circles. Today there are a lot more than two genders and they can change on a daily basis. Today women can sign contracts, have lots of credit/debt and, in some states, can marry one another. And today the primary issue for women, everywhere in the world, is safety. From lights on campus, to office politics, to trafficking, to ethnic cleansing; sexual assault is the #1 problem all women face around the globe.

However, something really interesting is happening in the Global Safety Movement: women are rising up. In Mangalore, India, the pink chaddi action was started by a group of young women who were threatened with marriages if they went to pubs. Women mailed thousands of pink panties in protest as the word spread around the world through facebook and twitter. In Uttar Pradesh, North of India, Sampat Devi Pal founded the Gulabi Gang, a gang of women in pink saris who help women who are trapped in domestic abuse. If it is known that a woman is being beaten by her husband or his family, the gang shows up at the door in their pink saris, carrying bamboo sticks, ready to return the beating blow for blow.

And now, closer to home, we have seen the amazing phenomenon known as SlutWalk.  On January 24th, 2011, a Toronto police officer said, “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” This single sentence has lit up minds and streets around the world. Never has the earth seen such an organic, instant, global response. No corporate sponsor, no newspaper, no celebrity; only social media and thousands of people who declare enough is enough. NO IS NO. No is ALWAYS No.

Zoe speaking at SlutWalk West Hollywood on June 4, 2011.

From Toronto to Amsterdam, from Boston to Melbourne, from Buenos Aires to, upcoming, India — it appears that earthlings are coalescing to say enough is enough.  And to an activist like me, the big news is that the community of humanity is able to rise up in a cause just because they got the news about an action they can relate to. It doesn’t require an expensive campaign or months of planning. It unfolded around the globe organically; mostly by college kids. That is thrilling.

People have come together to say that what you wear, how you walk, where you are, how drunk you are, even if you want to stop in the middle — No means No.  If you are a baby, a senior, a patient, a sex worker — No means No. If you are in a school, a bed, basement, a church or a prison — No means No.

Calls us sluts, we don’t care. But we got the memo and now you do too – NO ALWAYS MEANS NO.

You can keep up with Zoe via her website, Online With Zoe, and on Twitter @onlinewithzoe.

pressing on

Okay, press-on nails are gross and trashy and a little creepy and vaguely softcore porny.  But secretly they are also kind of awesome.  I mean, how else can you sit down and in fifteen minutes have a complete set of fully done digits that look like this?

These are Chinese “Sweety” press-ons clearly meant for children (fortunately I have tiny baby hands, so I was able to make them work).  I picked them up for 99¢ at one of my favorite North Long Beach bodegas, and they definitely fulfill my lazy/tacky/cute fingernail requirements.  I got a set in yellow as well:

Like, what?  They’re so weird and cute and ridiculous and cheap, I just couldn’t resist them.

drawn style

During my time off from blogging I kept on top of my style game by doing little fashion drawings, coming up with outfits for my friends and then illustrating them.  It’s fun because coming up with looks for other people challenges me to think outside the box of my own aesthetic, plus drawing the outfits helps to better envision what they would actually look like in the real world.  Here are a couple of looks I illustrated for friends recently…

Sara is a French-Canadian megababe who never wears heels and sometimes gets her nipples out like it ain’t no big deal (pro tip: it ain’t no big deal and everyone should take a cue from this broad). Plus she has, like, the coolest name ever.

RAEN sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, Blood Is The New Black t-shirt, skinny suspenders from Amazon, YSL lipstick, Melie Bianco crossbody bag, Forever 21 skirt, Antiquated Crow flask from Etsy, three-stone cuff from Nasty Gal, Kingdog “Castrating Bitch” ’70s reproduction feminist badge from Etsy, Zoya matte nail polish in Dovina, American Apparel pointelle ankle socks, Pointer oxfords from Need Supply Co.

Gabi is a fatshion icon, MTV TJ, and one of my favorite people in the entire world (and here’s a photo to prove it). She runs (formerly plus-size fashion mecca Young, Fat, & Fabulous), and I tried to come up with a look that reflects her edgy city style and her love for purple platforms.

wrap top, The Row sunglasses from 80’s Purple, Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Strength, Marc by Marc Jacobs post earrings, Luv AJ chain connector bracelet from La Dama, Patricia Field skull knuckle clutch, Torrid skirt, Essie nail polish in Silken Cord, Senso Diffusion platforms from Modcloth.

You can check out my older illustrations at  I’ll probably keep posting my fashion drawings here periodically, and if you like them, stay tuned, because I plan to launch a service-based site in the next couple of months where you too can be graphically styled by yours truly!

barbie girl

Contrary to what my euphoric expression in the above photo might lead you to believe, I was never big into Barbies as a kid, choosing instead to split my time between My Little Pony and a pretty epic Brio wooden train set.  Still, as you may recall, when I came across the “Doll For A Day” plastic headband in the Barbie Collector catalog,  I was like, I want that.

So I got it.  And, just as I suspected, it’s totes cute.

I’m still not a big Barbie fan though.  She seems kind of stuck-up.

H&M Divided leopard cardigan, Old Navy trapeze dress, Stop Staring! patent belt, glasses and Breckelle’s aqua suedette platforms from the Del Amo Indoor Swapmeet, Forever 21 scarf, Barbie Collector headband