hello, dolly

So, one of my coworkers retired a couple of years ago but we still get a lot of her catalogs delivered to the office — stuff like Draper’s & Damon’s and Coldwater Creek, you know, standard older-lady fare, and also something called The Pyramid Collection which is pretty, um, amazing (and where you can buy things like “the Sorcerer’s Cape” and “the Dragon’s Claw Walking Stick”), but my favorite is the Barbie Collector catalog.

Barbie Collector is bomb.  You’ve probably looked through one once or twice in your life — astonished as a kid and astonished, probably, in a different way as an adult ($75.00 for a Ken doll dressed in some kind of Imperial Russian military uniform?  Who buys this shit?).  It’s fascinating.  This is pretty much your standard Barbie Collector fare:

Uh, yeah.  Admit it, you kind of want that Debbie Harry doll.

Anyway, the latest issue of Barbie Collector came today, and as I was flipping through it I came across something I actually kind of totally want.  Check out this $15 Doll For A Day plastic headband:

Yes, I have questionable taste, but I don’t care, this is cute and I would wear it.  It’s not in your face about being a Barbie product (though I have to say I think the 80s-style Barbie logo lining is pretty adorable); in fact it kind of reminds me of Tatty Devine’s stuff.  With a bouffant and an edgier outfit — maybe a ragged cardigan, tight jeans, lace-ups and a punk tee? — I think it would be really sweet.


2 responses to “hello, dolly

  1. You would ROCK that headband!

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