polka dots and python scales

Sometimes I don’t even know how I pull together the outfits I do. On paper I’m pretty sure what I’m wearing today would sound horrifying, but I think it looks pretty cute. Though of course I am really into dressing like some kind of strange John Waters character so who knows whether I should trust myself.  Either way, I like this look:

Maurissa of Melie Bianco sent me the little shoulder bag back when I was still at WR2BAM and I never got a chance to feature it, but I use it all the time.  Love how the studs are all different metals so it goes with everything!  Maybe I’m really tacky (okay, I’m definitely really tacky) but I think the studs plus the snakeprint platforms plus the bright polka dot blouse makes for an appealing mix of textures and patterns.

Cotton Candy polka-dot blouse, Forever 21 taupe leather jacket, Lulu’s maxi skirt, Sam Edelman snake platform sandals, friendship bracelet from Hillary at Thoreau’s Daughter, La Dama knitted rosary worn as bracelet, Melie Bianco shoulder bag.


One response to “polka dots and python scales

  1. Dressing like a John Waters character is, like, my life goal!

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