sean & zander

You might not think that the singer from Throw Rag and Kevin the Nerd from Repo Man would come together to play some of the most gorgeous folk-country songs you’ve ever heard, but you are wrong.  After playing a couple of shows with these guys in L.A. and San Francisco and having their album, Walk Thee Invisible, on repeat on my iPod for days, I am pretty obsessed with Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss and I think that you should be too.  Sean’s years with Throw Rag have given his voice an incredible rough Tom Waitsy quality, and Zander is absolutely beautiful on the guitar and the bouzouki.

There’s something so endearing about watching these guys play live. You can really feel how strong their friendship is (especially when they kiss on the lips during “Comin’ As I’m Goin'”), and they just have the most attractive personalities.  They’re extremely nice, a little strange, and incredibly humble.   My best friend and Cunt Sparrer guitarist, Jennie, and I are totally enamored of them — here’s a drawing I did of us watching them perform a couple of weeks ago at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco:

And here we are hanging out with them after the show:

Everyone I’ve ever played their songs for or taken to see them has instantly fallen in love.  They’re so good.  Seriously, check out their album, Walk Thee Invisible, and if they’re playing in your neck of the woods go check them out.  I promise you will fall in love.


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