aa does erdem

Am I the only one who gets mad when American Apparel comes out with really cute stuff?  I don’t want to buy shit from them because Dov Charney is such a creepy perv, but then they put out this red lace dress that is totally giving Erdem Spring ’11 and my morals get all compromised.

Leaf flower lace dress, $52.  It also comes in black, cream, yellow, and orange.  Damn you, American Apparel!  I can’t quit you!


8 responses to “aa does erdem

  1. girrrrrl, tell me about it. I LOATHE AA. and a big part of that loathing is the fact that they just HAVE to make really cute shit. why can’t they make stuff that mirrors Charney’s ugly, disgusting soul?

    i tend to buy AA stuff at Buffalo Exchange, because then at least none of my $$ is going to Charney. but it still tests my morals & i sure don’t feel good about it…

    • I feel the same way! I haven’t bought anything new from AA in a couple of years, but whenever it comes up on sample sale sites I have a hard time resisting. I wonder if Charney will have less of a hand in the marketing and hiring if/when the company gets bought out. I want to like AA because of their labor practices and infuriatingly cute clothes, but I’m so conflicted about it!

      • Same here! Their labor practices are unusually good, but Dov Charney’s employee practices are unusually gross. It’s so annoying. Other companies have less pervy CEOs, but way worse labor practices. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO THINK! >:|

  2. So cute! But I do like the Erdem version more. Have you looked at the ones from Asos?

  3. They are going out of business by 2012, so you won’t have to fight too hard to quit them. But it while you can and be happy that the dude got what he had coming to him.

  4. Yeah, I could not agree more with everything that’s been said. On one hand, it’s great to buy something made in the US and not in a sweatshop, but that guy sucks. I can often find what I’m looking for elsewhere anyway (and usually cheaper)… but yeah they do make cute shit, and there’s a store my block so mostly I just steer clear.

    All of this worked fine for me but yeah, then I discovered their nail polish… which is pretty awesome.

  5. Ugggh, that dress in black is the Dress of My Dreams. Dov Charney makes me wanna vom and I don’t wanna give him any of my hard-earned money but THAT DRESS.

  6. A million times this post and comments. I was so thankful to find upon try-on that their high-waisted grid bikini looked horrible on me, because I did not want to drop that wad of paper on dov’s dirty lap.

    Also, if it makes you feel better, I think the AA knock off lacks some of the jaunty sillhouetted charm of the original. I’ve seen similar lacey things at F21– not that they are probably any better… this is probably true of any big corporation really, but if I think about it too hard I get bummed out.

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