summer love, punk rock style part 2

My friend Allison is a punk rock megababe from Brea who likes baking, Lemmy, and being a creep.  She chimed in with a few of her favorite romantic punk jams on my post a few days ago, and her picks were all so spot-on that I invited her to make her own list for you guys!  After you’ve checked out her top ten punk rock love songs, you should probably follow her on Twitter @AllisonMarie666.  Thanks again for contributing, Allison!  Here are her picks and commentary:

1. Silly Girl – The Descendents

Allison says:  I have no idea how Milo ever got turned down by any girl.  If I were ever to be serenaded by him, I would instantly melt. This song is so adorable, it makes you feel like you’re 14 and you just got your first boyfriend. Then again, just about every Descendents song about a girl makes me feel that way.

2. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend – The Ramones

Allison says: A classic! What better way to tell a girl how you really feel then to just let her know you wanna be her boyfriend. Probably one of the best ways to ask out any girl in a studded belt that you’re crushing on.

3. Please Don’t Touch – Motörhead/Girlschool

Allison says: Who would have thought Motörhead to be romantic? There are quite a few Motörhead songs that could have made the list, but I find this one to be the best (although “Jailbait” was a close second).  Sara adds: Oh, hell yeah.  When Lemmy remembers the first time he took her to a cheap motel, I get these weird tingles.

4.  GG Allin & the Jabbers – Cheri Love Affair

Allison says: I mentioned this one in my original comment, but I had to include it again. While he keeps it kinda sleazy with lines like, “looking at you make me cream in my jeans”,  GG redeems the sweetness by saying “I’d like to take ya to a real nice place”.  Dinner and sex, anyone?

5. Iggy & the Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog

Allison says: This song screams sweaty, sticky, summer love. A few beers, this record, a hot boy, and you are instantly in the heavy petting mood.

6. Nasty Facts – All Half Yours
(so fuckin punk it’s not even on Youtube!)
Allison says:
I didn’t hear about this band till I recieved my very own punk rock love song mix. This song is playful and fun, and perfect for that summer fling you may find yourself in.

7. The Damned – New Rose

Allison says: “I’ve got a feeling inside of me, it’s kinda strange like a stormy sea” — Isn’t this the way everyone feels when they start to fall in love without knowing it?

8. Stiff Little Fingers – Barbed Wire Love

Allison says: This one was chosen because it holds more sentimental value than anything. This song is great, Stiff Little Fingers is great, and it reminds me of being 18 and in love.

9. Black Flag – Slip It In

Allison says: This one is kinda a creeper on the list. I mostly put this on here for me. Something about Henry Rollins is so undeniably sexy, and listening to this song instantly makes me wanna make out. I’m kind of a pervert, Henry Rollins is a total babe, and so this made it!

10. The Undertones – Teenage Kicks

Allison says: I almost forgot about this one, and then I kicked myself in the ass for doing so. This song describes all the best parts about being young and in love, and is definitley in the top 10 punk rock love songs of all time.

Dude, she’s right on, right?  What are your punk rock love picks?  Let me know, and who knows, maybe you can make your own list!


7 responses to “summer love, punk rock style part 2

  1. Love it! I have been (no so secretly) wishing that one day a boy would serenade me with “I wanna be your boyfriend/”

  2. 1. The Clash – Train in Vain
    2. The Pointed Sticks – Out of Luck
    3. Gabrielle – The nips
    4. Johnny Thunders – Great Big Kiss (cover)
    5. The Buzzcocks – Ever fallen in love
    6. Anti Nowhere League – Woman
    7.The Rezillos – My baby does good sculptures
    8. The Vapors – Waiting for the weekend
    9. The Nerves – Hanging on the telephone
    10. Bad Manners – Skin head love affair

    These are all on my summertime mix

    • You want to do a guest post, Heather? You can just write a couple sentences about each song just like Allison did. Let me know if you’re interested! I’d love to have you!

  3. So many of my favorites were already chosen! Here’s a few more, a little new and old, in no particular order:

    1. The Nipple Erectors – All the Time in the World
    2. The Damned – Love Song
    3. (as well as) The Damned – Jet Boy Jet Girl
    4. The Briefs – Stuck on You
    5. Descendents – We
    6. Bouncing Souls – Lifetime
    7. The Vibrators – Baby Baby
    8. Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl
    9. The Boys – First Time
    10. Richard Hell & the Voidoids – Love Comes in Spurts

  4. I saw your first list minutes after posting my own! All of the songs posted so far take me back to my first (few) punk rock love’s so hard.

  5. Not much straight-ahead punk, but here goes…

    1. New Bomb Turks – Last Lost Fight
    Seems to be about losing love, but still, very romantic sounding. And the pick up in speed at the end!
    2. Bikini Kill – Strawberry Julius
    “Your palm/On the back of my neck/Mean more/Than any porn.”
    3. Sleater-Kinney – Dance Song ’97
    Perhaps the most accurate rendering of falling for someone, the nervousness/gidyness.
    3.1 Sleater-Kinney – Turn It On
    Simply the best song about sex, ever.
    4. The Dirtbombs – If You Can Want
    Try not to have a good time listening to this.
    5. The Vandals – Pizza Tran
    I don’t think anyone else could express love this way.
    6. Green Day – Sassafras Roots
    I guess I think the idea of wasting time together is romantic.
    7. Wire – Fragile
    Pretty, in a cerebral way.
    8. Helium – Termite Tree
    Even just the sound of the recording is romantic.
    8.1 Helium – What Institution Are You From
    Confused, druggy, and darkly sexy.
    9. Polvo – Fast Canoe
    Ash Bowie is clearly the nicest guy in rock, punk, whatever. I suppose the romantic element here is devotion.
    10. The (International) Noise Conpsiracy – Only Lovers Left Alive
    Dennis Lyxen has many songs that are romantic in their dangerous, youthful “Let’s tear down capitalism—together!—with love!” way.


    11. PJ Harvey – Rub ‘Til It Bleeds
    Dark, scary, and menacing, but still.
    11.1 PJ Harvey – Big Exit
    Not even close to punk, but had to put it in. Romantic in that fatalistic way.

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