pressing on

Okay, press-on nails are gross and trashy and a little creepy and vaguely softcore porny.  But secretly they are also kind of awesome.  I mean, how else can you sit down and in fifteen minutes have a complete set of fully done digits that look like this?

These are Chinese “Sweety” press-ons clearly meant for children (fortunately I have tiny baby hands, so I was able to make them work).  I picked them up for 99¢ at one of my favorite North Long Beach bodegas, and they definitely fulfill my lazy/tacky/cute fingernail requirements.  I got a set in yellow as well:

Like, what?  They’re so weird and cute and ridiculous and cheap, I just couldn’t resist them.


One response to “pressing on

  1. lol these are fantastic! I should get some for my id who won’t stop chewing her damn nails down to sad little nubs.

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