summertime girl groups mix tape

Either ’60s girl groups put me in a summer mood, or summer puts me in a ’60s girl groups mood — whichever it is, I figured I’d share a summer mix tape with you guys.  These are all ’60s girl songs, mostly about boys and summer and love and dancing, and they all feel so summery to me they practically smell like Banana Boat.  Every song is totally danceable —  put this mix on at your next barbecue, bonfire, or beach blanket bingo sesh.

Summertime Girl Groups Mix Tape via Mediafire — sort by date to get them in the order below:

1. Lookin’ For Boys – The Pinups
2. He Was Really Sayin’ Somethin’ – The Velvelettes
3. Boys – The Shirelles
4. Dream Boy – Jackie DeShannon
5. She Don’t Deserve You – The Honey Bees
6. I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy – The What Four
7. Steady Boyfriend – April Young
8. Needle in a Haystack – The Velvelettes
9. I Have A Boyfriend – The Chiffons
10. Funnel Of Love – Wanda Jackson
11. Don’t Ever Leave Me – Connie Francis
12. Sophisticated Boom Boom – The Goodies
13. Egyptian Shumba – The Tammys

Enjoy!  ♥


6 responses to “summertime girl groups mix tape

  1. Love it. I did a research paper on 60s girl groups for a class this last spring.

  2. Great playlist! It’s light, cute, and super fun. Perfect for summer. My summer playlist usually includes The Cramps, Demented Are Go (early stuff only), Hank Williams, and lots of other old timey, sleepy sounding country artists.
    ♥ mab

  3. Cute! Makes me wanna go to Secret Affair. Ever heard of the Pipettes?

  4. never heard of the Tammys but I LIKE THEIR NAME!

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