olvera street, los angeles

Today I went up to L.A. to see the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA with my friends Farron and Hillary.  Farron and I had some time to kill before we picked up Hillary at Union Station, so we stopped by Olvera Street to check out the goods.

Olvera Street is one of my favorite spots in L.A.  A traditional Mexican style plaza in the historic El Pueblo area, considered the birthplace of the city, it’s loaded with stalls selling everything from luchador masks to flasks made of cow’s hooves.  If you’re in the market for a snappy serape, a Chicano pride t-shirt, some sickly-sweet cactus candy, tooled leather purses, glittery earrings made of papier-mâché Frida Kahlo skulls, all manner of Catholic iconography, a tiny guitar with your name painted on it, or tons of cool handmade jewelry, you can find it on Olvera Street, probably for less than twenty bucks.

I’m broke right now, so I didn’t buy anything, but I took a lot of mental notes for things I’ll go back for later.  Braided bracelets with scorpions encased in epoxy?  Teeny piñatas shaped like donkeys?  Woven blankets for $10?  A little clay skeleton dressed like Johnny Cash, complete with miniscule guitar?  Yes, please!


3 responses to “olvera street, los angeles

  1. I miss LA so much and this makes me miss it so much more! I loved taking the train/metro over there. It smells so good too. I loooove the smell of Mexican food. Now I want churros.

  2. I want pretty much E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. in these pictures. omg.

  3. I love Olvera street. I still remember my first trip there when I was a kid in the 6th grade. Did you like the Tim Burton exhibit? My bf and I went and we both loved it, despite the ridiculous crowd.

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