little obsessions

Here are a few things I’m really, really obsessed with right now…

LEUCHTTURM1917 pocket notebooks

I’m madly in love with my Leuchtturm pocket sketch diary.  I started doodling in it as a way to give myself something to do when I feel socially anxious (which is often), and now I carry it with me everywhere and use it  constantly.  Leuchtturms are so much better than Moleskines because they have hard covers, tables of contents, numbered pages, a perforated section, they come in a bunch of cute colors and they are free of hipstery-douche connotations.  I got mine for abut $4 at the Rainbow Co-Op Grocery in San Francisco, but I’ve been seeing them at art supply stores all over the place lately.

Trojan X-Rated Skinhead Reggae

I’m not a huge reggae fan, but I do really like the early trad skinhead stuff and it feels very summer-appropriate, so lately I’ve been listening to the Trojan X-Rated Box Set a lot as I drive around in the SoCal heat.  Every track on the three-record set is about sex, and some of the song titles will make you blush.  It’s super lighthearted, bouncy old-school stuff, and you can download it for yourself thanks to fuckyeahskinheads on Tumblr.

Pacifica Roll-On Perfume in French Lilac

Oh my god you guys, this is the best-smelling roll-on perfume ever.  You can throw it in your purse and reapply it ten times a day and it never gets overpowering, and it only costs like $11.  All the Pacifica roll-on perfumes smell really good (and the packaging is adorable), but French Lilac is absolutely beyond; it smells the way I imagine Emma Bovary might’ve — feminine, charming, and romantic.

Starbucks Gold Card + Reusable Mug

My Starbucks addiction is probably the least punk rock thing about me, but hell, I need caffeine and it’s the closest coffee shop to my office so I find myself in there almost every morning buying a huge raspberry mocha (don’t judge me).  Since I joined the Starbucks Rewards Gold program and invested in my (adorable) reusable eco-mug from Decor Craft, I’m saving about 50¢ a visit, which doesn’t seem like much but it adds up to $10 a month or more.  Plus I get a free cup of coffee every 15th visit, which isn’t too shabby.  Plus I’m being nice to the environment by not throwing away a paper cup every morning, and that feels good too.

Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC
Fundamentally I’m against pageants and the unrealistic expectations they put upon very young girls, but I’m still really fascinated by pageant culture and am therefore unhealthily obsessed with Toddlers & Tiaras.  My friends call me creepy, but this is must-see TV for me.  The glitz is so weird, the parents are so beyond, and the little kids are adorably earnest, precocious, and so sweet and strange I sort of want to adopt them all. I don’t exactly feel good about how much I love this show, but it totally sucks you in.  Perfect brainless summer programming, as long as you can turn off your feminist instincts for a while and just enjoy the surreality.

Cheap Colored Eyeshadow

When I was eighteen or so I dutifully coated my lids with about ten different meticulously-blended colors of eyeshadow every single morning.  Those days are long gone, but lately I’m kind of into the idea of a simple sweep of (just one!) bold color across the lids — kind of like how accessorizing with nail polish helps me to forget about how I can’t afford new clothes, investing in a couple $1 eyeshadows from NYX might be the perfect outfit pick-me-up.  I’m especially into the idea of corals, bright apricots, and even rosy reds for summer.

What are you obsessed with lately, guys?


7 responses to “little obsessions

  1. I’m obsessed with “Toddlers and Tiaras” too! Did you see last week’s? That kid Brock needs his own spin-off.

  2. Omg, that eco-cup is so cute. I’d never heard of Decor Craft before, now I want to buy everything on there!

  3. Nice selection of little obsessions/guilty pleasures! I’ve recently discovered Tumblr, so I’m preeetty obsessed with that, as well as the t.v show “Oddities.” There’s a very sharped dressed man named Ryan Matthew Cohn on the show. It’s pretty kick-ass. Other than that I’m just trying (unsuccessfully) to avoid my usual vices; beer and pizza.

  4. I am totally SB addicted too. I get a big iced coffee with soy milk almost daily, no matter how much I say I will quit. It is so shameful, haha.

  5. i love this all!!
    and for me it’s been old twilight zone episodes on netflix, huge boxes of cheapie popcicles, and keeping ‘candy’ by cameo on repeat all week long!

    • My boyfriend and I have been watching tons of old Twilight Zone episodes on the DVR lately too! Such a good way to wind down. Rod Serling’s voice is so relaxing!

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