the bridge project

My amazing activist friend Zoe, who wrote the great post about SlutWalk L.A. a couple weeks ago, sent me this press release for a new feminist organization coming out of the Veteran Feminists of America called the Bridge Project.  This is exactly the kind of thing that I think the women’s movement needs right now.  Check it out:

Veteran Feminists of America announces The Bridge Project

June 21, 2011: The Veteran Feminists of American launched the Bridge Project, offering the opportunity for feminists from different generations to meet and share with one another. The Bridge Project is a matching service that can introduce feminists from different generations and encourage partnerships with the intention to establish a true lineage in the American Women’s Movement.

Is there some one you would like to get to know, to write, to email, to call and talk with about the politics of the day, the latest book, a TV show or movie’s portrayal of women? Maybe you want to invite a feminist to share an event or write a blog together comparing points of view? The possibilities are endless and entirely up to the partners to decide.

While there are no rules, it is intended to match Veteran Feminists (20+ years in the women’s movement) with Rising Feminists, (19- years in the women’s movement). The Bridge Project is open to members of the VFA. Members can submit an application to the Bridge Project Committee. They can make a specific request or ask for help to match interests, identify pairs. The Committee sends invitations to the two feminists. Applications are similar to the ones uses in the development of the book Feminists Who Changed America.

The relationship is as strong or light as the partners define. Exchanging ideas, values, talents and skills. These matches can enrich the lives of all who participate; neither partner doing more or less, each contributing their best with as much or as little as they mutually agree. The hope is that matching intersecting pairs will create continuity, community and intergenerational communication.

For more information on the project:
About the Veteran Feminists of America:
Bridge Project application for a match:

If you decide to apply and take part in the Bridge Project, let me know!  I’d love to hear about your experiences.


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