feminist rage for your wednesday

A lot of times when I read about women’s rights issues — everything from rape culture to clueless men being ignoramuses to major corporations pushing oppressive and outdated gender-bashing agendas — I want to write about them for Cartoon Heart, but I get so full of feminist She-Hulk rage that I can barely see straight, much less type a coherent sentence.  So instead of trying to get past my blind anger to comment on these items, I’m just going to assemble them here so you can rage with me:

Richard Dawkins thinks he has the right to tell American women whether or not we should feel oppressed. Edited to add: Here is a great blog post about this situation.

An incredibly sexist new ad campaign for milk rides on the stereotype that women are PMSing bitches who need to be placated.

A Texan woman is fired for refusing to dye her gray hair.

– We already know those fuckers over at the Westboro Baptist Church are totally fucking crazy, but now someone over there is claiming that “anybody who defines themself as a feminist probably doesn’t have the, um, a proper fear of the lord.”

Michele Bachmann continues to be a total fucking lunatic.

This woman is writing an advice book for teenage girls.  As if teenage girls need any more of this type of advice.

The Daily Mail thinks SlutWalks prove feminism is “irrelevant” to women’s lives.

What kind of things are sending you into a feminist rage lately?


3 responses to “feminist rage for your wednesday

  1. I was pretty pissed when I read this: http://www.steynonline.com/content/view/4259/28/

  2. I’ve been dying all morning since I saw the pms ads. Are you kidding me!? Whatever, maybe I’m just pms-ing. Right?

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