some stuff i want

Just a few items from around the Web that I’m kinda lusting after…

1. John Waters’ Female Trouble is one of my favorite flicks (I even forced my now-boyfriend to watch it with me on one of our first dates) and Divine is Dawn Davenport is my ultimate style icon, so how good is this t-shirt from Sleazy Seagull?

2. These Lipsy dotted bow stud earrings from ASOS totally remind me of Minnie Mouse.

3. I like sending my dude cards through the mail.  The tricky part is keeping my mouth shut about it until he receives them.  I like these cute Gocco-printed cards: a big graphic “♥ you” from Julia Made and a pair of copulating octopi from Three Dog Party, both on Etsy.

4. AHHH, GOD.  How good are these limited-edition ribbon sunglasses by Tatty Devine for John Lewis?  They’re a hair over $100, which is a bit rich for what are essentially novelty shades, but a girl can daydream.

5. As an unabashed bibliophile I’m pretty in love with this letter-print scarf from Patricia Field.

6. Wanda Jackson’s latest album, The Party Ain’t Over, was produced by and features Jack White and it’s really good and I’m really mad I still don’t have it on my Ipod.

7. Really into this shimmery electric blue nail polish, Zoya “Tallulah,” which is the color of an awesome swimming pool and is therefore perfect for summer.

8. Twin Peaks buttons!  Featuring all the best characters and their greatest lines!  For only $3 a set!  This is a “collect ’em all!” kind of situation.

9. Nice girls don’t wear cha-cha heels which is why I’m currently a little obsessed with getting the ultimate retro-feeling pair.  These Bordello mules are basically right on.


2 responses to “some stuff i want

  1. I think that when the Divine documentary comes out, you should come to Baltimore to see it with me.

  2. Hold the phone\ Divine documentary in Baltimore? When?

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