hearts and spots

To be honest, I’m not really 100% sure whether I should be mixing these two patterns, but I’m doing it anyway.  Today is all about not giving a single fuck.

Forever 21 blouse, bangle, and ring, H&M cardigan and rhinestone studs, Lux high waisted jeans, Sam Edelman flats, faux Goyard tote, Deena & Ozzy belt.


7 responses to “hearts and spots

  1. That blouse is adorable. I feel like the awesomeness of F21’s offerings varies and sometimes everything rules and sometimes everything is blah but they’ve been pretty on it lately.

  2. those jeans are FANTASTIC. is lux the brand that UO carries?

  3. I love the idea of mixing prints and patterns. The polka dot/animal print combo reminds me of D&G – it’s great!

  4. i love the leopard cardi w/ the oversized spots! beautiful. and mixing patterns is awesome… it takes some finesse, but you’ve done it beautifully!

    sarah rose

  5. Mixing those patterns is a big ole yes!

  6. I love this outfit! Sweetheart prints and high waisted jeans, oommmgggaw 🙂

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