lost in translation

Man, sometimes things just don’t look as cute in photos as they do in person.  I think that’s the case today, because in the mirror I think this outfit looks pretty sharp, but in pictures it looks a little…I don’t know.  What do you think?

I swear, it looks cute.  This is a Mossimo for Target dress with an old Forever 21 tuxedo jacket on top, Forever 21 ankle socks and NYLA studded peeptoes.

My poor little nails are suffering due to my new addiction to press-ons, so I’m giving them a break today:

The magenta glitter is Zoya in Nova, and the silver glitter accent nails are Justin Bieber for Nicole by OPI in Make U Smile. Yes, I own Justin Bieber nail polish (two shades, in fact). No, I am not ashamed. I also saw “Never Say Never” in theatres. In 3D. And I liked it too.


2 responses to “lost in translation

  1. I just came across your blog via the post you wrote on Gala Darling’s particular brand of “self help,” and let me just say, THIS IS THE KIND OF BLOG I’VE BEEN DREAMING OF. I’m a fan of fashion blogs, but you have an actual personality and intelligence! Needless to say, I am following you now!
    As for this outfit, it looks completely adorable! And that bracelet is ace. May I ask where you got it?


  2. Also, I am totally dumb and just saw the post saying that your sweet bracelet is from Cheap Monday! Anyway, I will stop writing because I’m sure you’ll be like “Why did this weird girl write me a novel?”

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