totes magotes

Since graduating (as I’m now preferring to call it) to unemployment, I’ve realized that being a blogger at large requires some heavy lifting — literally.  Check out all the shit I’m hefting around in order to get all my business T.C.O.’d these days:

Planner, laptop, sketchbook, notebook, drawing tools, camera, tripod, mouse, tablet, various chargers and other corded ephemera — and this isn’t even including all the standard girl crap I lug around with me on a daily basis (you know — keys, phone, wallet, four pairs of sunglasses, sixteen lipsticks, the usual).  I’ve always been a purse girl but clearly it’s time for something heavier duty.  I need a killer tote bag.

So the search hath begun.  Here are my favorites:

1.) New Museum x Dan Colen “Holy Shit” tote, £15.00, Culture Label
2.) Dimepiece “Go To Hell” tote, $25, Karmaloop
3.) Motel “Summer Leopard” tote, $20, Karmaloop
4.) 6×6 by No. 6 rope tote, $20, Urban Outfitters
5.) Bon Matin “Skeleton No 1” tote, $15, Supermarket
6.) Soraam big bow canvas tote, $24, Supermarket
7.) “Lightspeed” tote, $20, DarkDays
8.) “Bag of Tricks” tote, £12.00, Alphabet Bags
9.) Patti Smith tote, $15.99, badassbags4u
10.) Decapitated heads tote, $18, Camputee


6 responses to “totes magotes

  1. I just started reading your blog and i really liked what you had to say about Gala Darling’s workshop. I understand that you’re going through a rough patch right now with unemployment (been there 2 years ago). If you don’t mind handcrafted items, I would love to sew up a tote bag for you. Fabric selection is quite limited, though. Lol.

  2. I bought a Ramones tote from the etsy store that’s selling that Patti Smith tote–it’s amazingly huge. It’s fun to use, it’s like HUGE RAMONES TIME. Also that decapitated head tote is wonderful.

  3. All I can say is etsy, etsy, etsy.

    Also, sorry to hear about your job loss, but you seem to be looking at the positive spin and I’m sure great things will come out of this for you!

  4. Number 9!

    The girl on the picture looks so efficient, like she’ll get the job done.
    Love the blog!

  5. Dark Days (#7) is great, she has done all the screen printing for my shop: – a true babe in every sense!

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