two good things about being unemployed

#1. Wearing super-lazy outfits like this one in the middle of the work week:

Worn Free “I Wiped Out The 60’s” Iggy Pop replica t-shirt (I cut it into a tank), American Apparel bandeau, Earnest Sewn jeans made into cutoffs, Mossimo for Target canvas lace-ups, vintage Indonesian stone devil necklace.

#2. Chili burgers from Tommy’s for lunch!  They look totally disgusting but they are…eye poppingly delicious.


10 responses to “two good things about being unemployed

  1. I’M JEALOUS I had the day off yesterday and went for a late brunch by the beach and wished with all my might that I could be unemployed so I could do it every day.

  2. When you work for yourself and no one sees you all day, you also get to wear what you want! Also something to look forward too considering all the fucking ah-mazing ideas you have going on in your head these days. Short Shorts all summer long.

  3. You forgot to tell us where you obtained the lovely sunglasses in the last picture?

  4. Haha the eye poppin glasses are so adorable.!!

  5. LOL i love this post. its so real. lounging and eating crappy delicious foods all day are the perks of being unemployed. downside, butt cramps and an empty cupboard..

    -Bianca at

  6. hey there. i was thinking! of a great post you could make if you were really bored or something. it’s your favorite places to shop online with an emphasis on not the normal places like asos and topshop! because you always have the coolest stores! i would love an archive of them all! and, of course, looking good as always!

  7. is there a tutorial for how you did this shirt? i really like the back.

  8. You are the cutest! That last picture killed me.

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