all dressed up and…

Even though I don’t really go anywhere during the day right now besides, like, the pharmacy and the liquor store, putting on a real outfit in the morning makes me feel more like a human being and less like a blob.

Old Navy trapeze dress, Gap chambray shirt, F21 ankle socks, Steve Madden wedges, vintage Guns ‘n Roses necklace, glasses from the Del Amo indoor swapmeet.


8 responses to “all dressed up and…

  1. I totally relate on the human vs. blob front. I work from home, so I am faced with a great temptation to stay in my pajamas all day. But I feel a million times better if I actually put on non-pajama clothes.

  2. I don’t even get dressed up everyday and I work in an office. With people. That see me and smell me.

  3. You got your wedges! CUTE.

    Also, I totally remember that chambray shirt from when I worked at Gap.

  4. How are those wedges, walking-wise? They are SO CUTE. I am tempted.

  5. i swear you do heels with socks better than anybody

  6. those wedges are to die for!! hooray for steve madden!


  7. Man, I need to take a page from you. After I lost my job, I still made the effort to get “dressed” and put my face on, even if I wasn’t leaving the house. Now it’s like I just put clothes on so I won’t be naked! Bleh. Let’s go win the lottery.

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