the unemployment chronicles

Man, turns out being unemployed is a great way to do things you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to.  Today I did two!

First off I made a couple of necklaces:

I’m going to be making more and selling them on Etsy, I think, because I’m really happy with how they turned out. The skulls are clay with melted glass eyes and they look better in person, I think.

Second of all I tested out the Konad French Manicure nail stamp kit Beauty Knockout sent me.  I’ve seen girls online with Konad-stamped nails, but this was my first time using the system.

It’s pretty cool — you apply polish to a special image plate and then stamp the image onto your nails using a little bingo-dauber-type tool.  My first try didn’t go so smoothly, but practice makes perfect and it still looks pretty cute:


5 responses to “the unemployment chronicles

  1. I found the trick to Konad is to slightly buff the stamper with a nail file. The pattern comes off much better after doing that!

  2. wow that necklace is very very pretty!:)) i love those.:)) you’re very creative. :)) you might also want to check out my blog its also a DIY & stuffs.. thanks!:))


  3. Umm…I would completely buy a necklace if you made those, girl. Seriously.

    And with the Konad, I had to practice like crazy before mine started looking decent. Just keep going!!

  4. Ooh la la! I must try out that nail stamper thingamajig.

  5. Luv the necklaces!!

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