seattle soundfest

I had such a killer time at Seattle Soundfest!  Four nights of playing shows, drinking beers, seeing bands, meeting amazing new people, and nonstop partying!  I rented a house with my band (Cunt Sparrer) and my friends in Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and it was definitely a weekend to remember.

Cunt Sparrer played at the Funhouse on Friday night (the following four photos by Shawn with the Sunbreak):

The Cro-Mags fucking killed it.  One of the most brutal shows I’ve ever seen in my life.

It will take me several days to recover.


5 responses to “seattle soundfest

  1. Holy crap girl, I wish I’d known you were in Seattle! I’d have hopped on that ferry in no time. (This is Mango_Pickle just in case I sound like a complete creeper.)

  2. So glad you had a blast! That last picture is a-fucking-dorable. 😉

    P.S. I dropped you an email the other week about some possible design stuffs… 😉

  3. Move to Seattle!

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