casual tuesday

Every day is a casual day now that I’m unemployed self-employed.

Xhileration for Target striped cami, Forever 21 sailor shorts, H&M Divided leopard cardi, KISS sunglasses, Mossimo for Target canvas lace-ups, Camputee Press tote bag.

I run a lot of errands during the day these days so I’m loving my big tote bag from Camputee Press, which can hold packages to ship out, my laptop, Wacom tablet, camera, wallet, cell phone, and a change of clothes — basically my whole life.  It’s pretty much the perfect tote.

Also, I got some bangs…

It’s not a huge change, but it still feels really different to me after my hair just hung there for so long.  I just went to Supercuts, and I only had to fix it a little bit when I got home, so I consider this haircut a success.  I really like having bangs again.


2 responses to “casual tuesday

  1. Damn girl! Where I’m from we call those coochie cutters!

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