I went to FYF Fest in downtown L.A. yesterday.  My camera’s out of commission for a few days, but here’s a drawing of what I wore:

The style you see at big outdoor music festivals like FYF is pretty ridiculous.  Lots of people seem to really go all out with their most outrageous outfits.  Personally, I just wanted to be comfortable and not too hot, so I wore a boxy dolman-sleeve t-shirt from Target, denim shorts, black ankle socks, and my saddle shoes.  My point of interest was the little handmade cameo pin I made:

I have a whole slew of these little guys in my Etsy shop right now!


3 responses to “FYF

  1. Sara, did you get my goodie box yet? Hope you love it! xoxo

    • Yes, I got it a couple days ago, did you get my text? I ADORE it! Wearing the snake rider tank right now! As soon as my camera’s fixed I’ll post some photos! Thanks again!

  2. I went to FYF too. I saw soooo many ridiculous outfits. Who’d you see (band wise) that you liked? The horrible parking situation caused me to miss Smith Westerns 😦

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