zara tomorrow!

I’m so excited that ZARA is finally going to be shoppable online starting tomorrow!  There’s one at South Coast Plaza, about twenty miles south of where I live, but the idea of shopping Zara from the comfort of my own apartment is so much more appealing.  Plus right now they have so much great stuff for fall — adorable mod-feeling coats, super-saturated brights, and a plethora of extremely fun shoes.  Here are some outfits I’m fantasizing about after perusing the website in preparation for tomorrow…

I can’t wait!  Oh, man, when H&M goes online shoppable in Spring ’12 there won’t be a reason for me to leave my house anymore…except to show off the cute clothes I’ll be ordering, I guess.


5 responses to “zara tomorrow!

  1. Ooooh, this is exciting. Sounds like I’m going to need to find myself a second job.

  2. So excited for all the new accessories coming to my wardrobe!

  3. How cute are your outfits! I’m beyond excited for this! Been waiting patiently for years! I used to shop the SCP store all the time. It got so messy on weekends. Online shopping at Zara and H&M will enhance my life but not my bank account 🙂

  4. Oh wow, I had no idea! Yay!

  5. Girl–you are too good of a blogger to dissappear! But, I hope you are off having a good time and doing fun things. 🙂

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