dressing up

I got roped into attending something called the hitRECord Fall Formal tonight in downtown L.A.  I don’t know anything about it except that it seems kinda hipstery, my childhood TV crush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is somehow involved, and that it is a somewhat fancy affair.

I haven’t really dressed up for anything since I lost my job.  I’ve barely worn heels since I lost my job, honestly.  I’m feeling a little off my dress-up game.  But after much hemming and hawing I think I figured out what I’ll wear tonight:

Forever 21 dress and scarf, H&M Divided coat, Target tights, GoJane.com platforms.

I hope this will do me all right.  It would be kind of embarrassing if I showed up and everyone else was done up to the nines…but these days I think I only really go up to six or seven.


3 responses to “dressing up

  1. …super-cute! Welcome back.(not for post)

  2. Yeah…happy to see u again

  3. Does it say something about me that I get a little rebellious thrill out of wearing/seeing other girls wearing red shoes? PROBABLY. But red shoes + white lacey dress is always fierce, you smashed it like a greek plate.

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