Here’s what I wore yesterday…

Forever 21 hat, skirt, and wedges; Käärme t-shirt; Love Culture cardigan.

Can I lay some praise on my girl for a second?  I’ve known Hallie online for an embarrassingly long time. She sent me a couple of her Käärme t-shirts a while back and I’ve been living in them. The graphics are like nothing else out there right now, they’re soft and cut well, and above all I’m stoked to see someone whose blog I and aesthetic I truly love doing something really awesome.  The Kaarme shop is up online and I’m kind of in love with everything.  (How sick is this studded bag?)


3 responses to “snakerider

  1. I am full of jealousy – my head is way too giant to ever wear a hat. Also I hope you don’t mind, but I linked you as a ‘feminist who can talk about feminism more eloquently than I can’ in my blog

  2. I am so jealous of your gorgeous hair!

  3. you look amazing here! i love the newish hair

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