things i want for fall

1.) I already have a pair of half-tint sunglasses but the perfect roundness of this 80s Purple pair is so good.

2.) I’ll be in San Francisco in late November so I’m going to need a heavier coat. Ideally I want something in an unusual color, so I’m really feeling the retro shape and slightly offbeat pink of this ASOS A-line coat.

3.) I’ve been spending a lot of time writing and recording music at home on GarageBand lately, and I really want a Stylophone — a pocket synthesizer invented in 1967 that’s operated with a stylus and has been used by artists like Kraftwerk and David Bowie.  It’s cheap (about $20) and compact, perfect for hyper-amateur musicians on the go like me.

4.) If Chanel is any indicator (which it always is), pale blue will be a popular nail color for the fall/winter season.  I like OPI’s “What’s With The Cattitude?”

5.) Well, these are skinny jeans with unicorns printed on them, so, nuff said.

6.) I’m completely obsessed with the UNIF Hellraiser loafer.  It’s a little out of my price range but I’m considering saving my pennies because it’s basically perfect.

7.) Uh, everything about this Actual Pain “Immortal Mouse” tank is incredible.

8.) And how good would this Disney Couture “Minnie X Mawi” black pearl ring look with it?

9.) I’m doing a lot of traveling this fall and I want to start documenting my trips in different ways.  I’m interested in getting an easy-to-use film camera like this Holga 120.  I’m so used to the instant gratification of digital photography that I think taking film photos might lead to some good, or at least funny, shots.


6 responses to “things i want for fall


  2. Sara the Snakerider tee looks awesome on you, thanks for the shoutout & I’m glad you love it. I have that Actual Pain tee and UNIF were nice enough to send me a pair of Hellraisers. They’re worth it, such a great shoe. Def get them

    • Thank you so much again! I’m going to have some shirts to send YOU in a couple weeks here. I’m seriously considering saving up for the Hellraisers. How do they run sizewise?

  3. If you are looking for a unique and really easy to use film camera you should check out the instax mini by fujii film. ( it gives you the instant gratification of a digital..but it just feels so much better.

    The photos print instantly and are credit card size and its small enough that I can carry it and its not a pain..I’ve also dropped it a lot and it still works out great.

  4. Wow, that pink coat is amazing!

    I’ve used a Holga 120 camera before and it’s a lot of fun. You never really know what you’re going to get because Holga’s are so unpredictable. Just make sure if you get the one that takes 120 film that you know of a place to get the film developed. Or make sure you get the 35mm insert!

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