cat’s meow

I’m a sucker for a funny print, so I love this dress covered in little cats wearing bowties.  (Incidentally this is one of two dresses I own that has cats in bowties printed on it.)

H&M Divided dress and leather, Target tights, F21 wedges and scarf.

Over at Get Off My Internets there’s a conversation going on about the prevalence of the “fashion blogger topknot.”   The consensus over there is that everyone hates it and that it should only be worn to the gym and while kicking around the house.  But I gotta say…I’m lazy, so when the topknot started showing up on the runways I was stoked.  I think it’s cute and easy and a decent alternative to a ponytail, plus when you take it out after a few hours your hair is all bouncy and curly, which is an added bonus.  Still, I can understand why some people hate it.

What do you guys think of topknots?  Pretty cute or strictly for when no one’s looking?


10 responses to “cat’s meow

  1. 1) love the dress
    2)die for topknots
    I think people in general just have irrational hate for fashion bloggers. Meh.

  2. I love them, my hair is always big and in my face and looks terrible unless I spend half an hour blowdrying it. I used to have issues with all my frizzy wispies that would escape for the topknot and form a halo around my head but now I just don’t even care.

  3. Awesome dress. Honestly I’ve never thought about topknots, but I am not the most fashion conscious person. But now that you’ve brought them to my attention, they would be VERY useful for gym time and my self defense class. I think you should post a tutorial because I have no idea how to do them 😛

  4. Digging the top knot, its just so hot right now, roll with it girl! Jen xoxo

  5. love topknots forever

  6. Top knots are top notch in my book!

  7. Topknots rule – haters can keep hating.

  8. btw – i LOVE that you read GOMI. I’m such an addict.

  9. I love the golden bridge on the wall!!! can you tell where is it from please
    ? thanks!

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