hippie speedball shirts!

I’m so beyond psyched that my HIPPIE SPEEDBALL t-shirts and tanks are finally here! Everything is now up in my Etsy shop.

Getting these shirts out has been a major, major labor of love, but I can’t tell you guys how stoked I am on them.  As you might already know, I illustrated all the graphics myself and picked out what I think are the best cut, softest, coziest shirts to print on.  So these shirts are really a representation of Cartoon Heart style at its finest — especially because I did everything I could to keep them affordable.  Topping out at $30, they’re not super cheap, but they also cost less then any other screened t-shirt of this quality that you’ll find online, I promise.

And also, because I’m so excited about this, you can use the coupon code CARTOON on my Etsy for 10% off anything in the shop through Sunday night!  I’ll post how I’m wearing my shirts soon.


3 responses to “hippie speedball shirts!

  1. Your stuff is totally my style. I can’t say I’m super into ~fashion~ but I love to have fun with clothes. I love that you mix it up and always look great! hugs and kisses from sf -emily

  2. Love the lux interior t-shirt. Do you ship to Canada? I couldn’t tell from what it said on your etsy site.

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