choose your own adventure

It was one of those days where I essentially subsisted on coffee, so around 9:30 this evening I broke out in a rash of frenzied creativity and pumped out a couple of new pinback button designs for HiPPiE SPEEDBALL.  I love doing the 2.25″ buttons because they’re a fun way to get my amateur graphic designer rocks off without all the costs involved in printing tees (not that I’m not in love with printing tees, too, though!), and they’re super affordable.

I blame the caffeine for tonight’s newest button, which I think is pretty clever:

You use a Sharpie to write in whatever it is that you’re currently in ❤ with, and when you tire of whatever — or whomever — that may be, it’s super easy to wipe off the ink using nail polish remover (thanks for the tip, Mom!) so you can fill in the blank again…and again…and again.  Excellent for fickle lovers, people with strange hobbies, Pollyanna types who think everything is great, and pretentious hipsters who like bands so obscure they don’t even have merchandise yet.

I have a couple other new pin designs in the shop too.  An homage to narcissism/the Dead Boys with my “All This & More” button, and something truly ridiculous in the form of a kitty cat with googly eyes:

Thank god for coffee!  Maybe that’s what I should have filled in the blank with.



2 responses to “choose your own adventure

  1. yup, nail polish remover will take off any sort of sharpie–i know this all too well from middle school when i got in trouble for writing on a bench. 😦 note to self: if you have a unique name, don’t write that name on something. you are easily identified.

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