minimal effort

I’m working part-time now for my stepdad at his sign shop, where it’s usually really cold and I tend to get kind of dirty, so lately on work days my look has been less about style and more about being comfortable and wearing things that I don’t have to be delicate with.  So these days it’s a lot of leggings, Frye boots, and sweaters layered over little boys’ Hanes undershirts.  Today’s outfit was another variation on that theme:

Hips & Hair sweatshirt, Earnest Sewn jeans made into cutoffs half a decade ago, Prince of Thieves sweater leggings, Frye engineer boots, Forever 21 watch.

Yeah…I barely even put on makeup anymore right now.  I still want to wear stuff that appeals to me, though, so I’ve been looking for sweatshirts and sweaters that are easy to throw on in the morning.  When I found this raglan by Hips & Hair over the weekend at Unique L.A., I kind of couldn’t resist it.  It’s clearly me.

I really love the print and it’s super soft.  I got one two sizes too big because I like to wear things loose.  I always like to support small indie designers and I had never heard of these guys before so I was stoked to come across them — they have a lot of rad stuff.  I’m feeling this “CVLT Venice” tank too.

Between working at the sign shop in the mornings and sewing and making jewelry (I have some really cute new stuff going up soon!), my hands are just a mess these days.  I’m trying to tell myself that if my nails look nice it must mean I’m not working hard enough, but that OPI “Gettin Miss Piggy With It” red glitter nail polish in my bathroom cabinet is calling my name.


11 responses to “minimal effort

  1. I love that sweater!

  2. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for supporting Hips and Hair!! This is my boyfriend’s line we love hearing from customers and happy you love it..I live in those raglans:)

  3. Thankssss so much for the support!!

    Email me and ill give you a sweet code so you can grab that cult tank.

  4. Hey, I was wondering how you felt about the Gojane Lita knock offs? I know you have the OG black Litas but you also like gojane…. Thanks! Long time wr2bam fan. ❤

    • Hey Christina! I think the GoJane Lita knockoffs are decent, especially considering the Lita boots are such a trend item — I kind of regret spending the full price on them because I ended up not really wearing them much and ultimately selling them. If I had bought the GoJane ones I probably would’ve kept them!

  5. Hey I’m new to the blog world. Show love & support by following & leaving comments on my blog! xoxo

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