make a goal, win some jewelry

It’s giveaway time.

This year you are gonna tell me what your resolutions for 2012 are and maybe win some really cute handmade jewelry from Letmenatalya!  I have two sweet little prize packages for you guys to kick off the new year with some new accessories.

To enter, just leave a comment here on this post telling me what your new year’s resolution is!  I’m looking for interesting, exciting, creative resolutions (because frankly I’m looking for some goals to piggyback on), so be as serious or as silly as you want.  Maybe you want to ride a motorcycle like Linda of Little Crazy Home, or maybe you’re going to stop peppering your conversations with the word “like” (which is not actually one of my resolutions but probably should be).  Maybe you just want to really nail the Axl Rose snake dance, which is a recurring resolution of mine every year.  Whatever you’re going to resolve to do, leave it in the comments and I’ll pick my two favorites to both co-opt and reward!

I’m going to leave the contest open for a week so we all get a little goal-setting grace period.  So you have until January 11th to get your resolutions in.  I’ll announce the winners on January 12th!


37 responses to “make a goal, win some jewelry

  1. My biggest resolution is to journal my practicing (vocalizing) EVERY DAY. So far, I’m 4 for 4 days! It’s so helpful to write down what I’m working on, what my challenges are.. and it’s even better to have a record to look back on later.

  2. I’m gonna increase the size of my vintage vinyl collection 🙂

  3. I want to stop with my weird eating issues and try to eat like a normal person. I also want to quit my job of 8 years and do something new. I’ve been saying I am going to quit for a while now. This year I’m serious! I’d also like to travel more- maybe make it out to California!!!

  4. I’m going to try to finish more than half of what I start, dye my hair blue, do a cross-country US road trip, learn how to wink, and stop apologizing so much.

  5. my resolution is to save up enough dollars to have the ultimate Dollywood vacation.

  6. I’m just leaving a separate comment to say that you’re awesome.

  7. My resolution this year is to live dangerously.

  8. My resolution is to actually pay attention to what I eat by writing it all down, every day, and focus on eating a more animal-friendly diet. I could never go 100% vegetarian or vegan at this point because I just love a good steak way too much, but if I can at least make more informed food decisions, I’ll be pleased with myself!

  9. Finish what I start, raise $10,000 for breast cancer research and drop a cool 100 pounds. 2012 is going to be a big year in a lot of ways! I am so excited about it!

  10. One of the goals I’m most excited about is to watch a new movie that starts with every letter of the alphabet, A-Z

  11. run a half marathon, learn to crochet and be more patient. i’m also trying to run a 6:14 mile (treadmill) and buy a house… but i didn’t wanna set those as resolutions ’cause they’re both pretty hard.

  12. I want to learn sign language this year so I can communicate with one of my friends without having to type at each other in person.

  13. Nicole Restaino

    Buy a camera and start documenting things, make prints and momentos from them, for real for real, no more memories only existing in the digital world. Get serious in my search to buy a house. Finally apply to formally matriculate into the grad program I’ve been taking class in/dreaming about for two years now.

  14. Throw out all the things I hoard for who, I don’t know, but must get a handle on clutter and then MOVE someplace warm.

  15. Resolution- I’m going to stop being so negative and stop being super hard on myself. I’m going to be kind to myself. I want to explode sunshine >.<

    Go me! <<<<< Aha it's working!!!

  16. I just want to briefly say first that I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and love it!
    My only resolution this year is to make a personalized patchwork quilt for my friend, so I spend less time on the internet, hopefully get a new skill and so my friend has something nice to put on their wall!

  17. I only have one resolution this year- to make at least 2 non-custom banners for my etsy shop each moth so I’m prepared for holidays in advance and don’t end up scrambling to get stuff done in time for Halloween, Christmas, etc. Oh and also actually file my taxes, unlike last year. OOPS.

    Other than that, NO RESOLUTIONS because I am flaw-free.

  18. My dad recently passed away and I found an old video I took of him on my computer. I wish I had taken more. My resolution is to video tape a ton of things this year!

  19. My resolution this year is to spend more time being creative. Making things makes me happy but for a long time I haven’t. I’ve already been crocheting more the last few days. I’d love to just do more of what makes me happy this year.

  20. 1. To keep sharing my ridiculous stories in my journal like I have been. I don’t want to sputter out now, just when life is getting REALLY interesting.

    2. Attend at least ONE (but probably more like at least 5) Mystery ride.
    Mystery ride is a thing in Portland where a bunch of cyclists meet up at a pre-disclosed location (kept on a secret blog) which is a bar of some sort SOMEWHERE in the city,) get drunk and then ride 5ish miles at midnight to another super secret location and then PARTY ALL NIGHT. All the locations and parties have different themes but you don’t know until you get there! I want to get more into the cycling scene here in Portland, and I think anyone that takes part in these rides are people I want to get to know!

    3. Take part in ZOOBOMB at least once this year.
    Zoobomb is another bike themed adventure. Everyone meets at the top of this hill, gets drunk and then rides tricked out little kid bikes down the hill. IDK, sounds ridiculous.

  21. My Resoultion this year to is to be more creative with my photograpahy, the reason is because i am starting my own Jewlery line of seed beads, to be more creative and not to put it down it an ultimate goal of mine that would bring me that satisfaction that my year will be brought to happiness, that includes having models and make my jewlery be known to other women and young women around the world.

  22. I have two actually… To eat better and not take shit from anybody. I jest, I jest… This year I vow to be more adventurous, appreciative, and to give of myself more fully. To be more adventurous I plan to visit, at minimum, 3 cities I’ve never been to in Texas and that’s a big deal for me because I DO NOT travel. I will value the people and things that are a significant part of my life and truly treasure them. I will also allow my glass to remain half full (literally and figuratively) and focus on my accomplishments and areas for improvement rather than trying to keep up with the Jones’ (damn them!) And lastly, although I consider myself to be a generous person, I have found that I try to be many things to many people and that has caused me to spread myself thin at times. When I do this everyone loses because I feel overwhelmed and caged and that person feels underappreciated. My loved ones deserve bettter from me and to show that I care I will listen with an open ear, give with a full heart, be in the present with them, and state my limitations up front. For me this is a tall order, but if I can accomplish one of these goals this year then I have shown personal growth! BTW, thanks for asking. 😉

  23. live with no regrets, complete a creative portfolio to apply for an MFA in screenwriting, figure out how to balance work and friends!

  24. My resolution is to win the greencard lottery and move to Portland, or finally figure out what I want to do this year – rather than what everyone else wants me to do.

  25. My reolution is to improve the out look i have on life, to always see as it as half full. Life is a gift giving to me and i don’t want to waste time thinking about how crappy mine is. I want to love life and everyone and everything in it.

  26. In October, I found out I had a serious illness that may significantly shorten my life. My resolution is to start living like I mean it. Even before the diagnosis, 2011 was not a happy year. I’m doing things that make me happy – cooking up a storm, getting rid of fair-weather friends, maybe learning a musical instrument, falling in love (!), as cheesy as it sounds, just becoming the best me I can be, from here onwards.

  27. I have a ton of goals for the year but I think my main sweeping one is to love myself more. To be kind to myself, to spoil myself, to forgive myself. To treat myself as well as I treat others.

  28. Just 3 goals
    1. Get my business off the ground floor and at least get to level 1 (2 if I really push myself). I create ANTI-WACK designs for Christian Shirts.

    2. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, therefore I am making it a priority to create a haven with a Parisian theme in a very light and airy mood.

    3. Learn my town. I moved to NC a few years ago and there are a few local attractions and I am tempted to try everything from cuisine, and concerts, to maybe the ballet.

  29. My goals for 2012 (along with some serious ones like body acceptance) are to be in a mosh, learn to skank, and go on at least one date.

    Oh, and to stop staying up until 5 am. That’s a pretty big one!

  30. But this year I aim to be the most disgustingly happy positive person you know. If I’m not and it’s not just my twisted sense of humor you officially have permission to slap me.

    That is if you know me in real life. It’s my goal to go back to being myself, the happy go lucky little red head that’s generally laughing about one thing or another. That people are happy to see. That makes the world a better place to be.

  31. My resolutions this year are:
    To make prints of my husband’s artwork and manage an etsy account for him. Travel to at least 5 places I haven’t been to yet. Buy a house. To become a more positive person and to stop harboring negativity.

  32. My incredibly silly resolution is to turn my socks the right side out as I take them off, because I hate doing a load of laundry and having to turn all my socks right-side-out at one time to make pairs. My reality resolution is to figure out where I should go to finish my degree – international, I think!

  33. My goal is to be more motivated to make a goal. I am not a task oriented person.. I am very laid back and I am happy to just go to work come home and do nothing. In my heart I know I need to develop my talents.. draw more, write more, sing more etc, but most the time I am just happy being lazy. So, what i am saying is I need to make a goal of working on my gifts rather than watching more Episodes of Monk.

  34. A silly, but true resolution. I want to listen and observe more. The world is full of interesting stories, and I feel like I’m missing out on them! By stepping back and watching, who knows what interesting tidbits you’ll see. I’d also like to chronicle them in a notebook a la Harriet the Spy, but with less disastrous results. I guess it’s a writing project.

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  36. To start making my own art instead of documenting others.

  37. My resolution is to get outside and be in nature as much as possible. Between attending school full time, commuting into Los Angeles and all of the other things in life, I feel like I never get a chance to disconnect. I am a rock climber at heart, but I hardly get to do it. I am going to get my ass outside more than once a month to hike, climb or just sit quietly and read. Nature is so simple-a tree or sunset-but has so much to offer us. The other part of this resolution (more of a goal I suppose), is to slow down. Time and life moves so fuckin’ fast and there are times I want to just sit with a cup of coffee and stare out the window or at my fiancee and just relish every moment I have in this beautiful and fucked up world of ours.
    Good luck to everyone!

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