jason wu for target

Here’s the complete lookbook for Jason Wu’s capsule collection for Target.  I’m not that stoked on it.  The only thing I really like at all is this cat-print scarf:

Nothing else is thrilling me, but sometimes it’s hard to tell in photos.  I’ll still check it out when the collection arrives in stores on February 5th.


4 responses to “jason wu for target

  1. I am a total sucker for cat print anything, so I’m probably going to end up buying this scarf and maybe that cat bag.

  2. I love way more of it than I expected, but it’s probably poor quality and disappointing irl

  3. From what I’ve seen I really love it, and that scarf omg I want it. But I don’t think I’ll be able to get my hands on it since I’m not in the US 😦

    xo Angie

  4. Dropping in from THE FUTURE to say that the Jason Wu for Target collection actually has some very nice shirts, but none of them were in that slideshow for some reason. The cat pattern shows up on at least one shirt if I recall correctly, and I bought a quite pretty cream-colored tee with a black-patterned scarf neck (it’s like a thin decorative scarf over the shirt, but the scarf is sewn to the neckline almost all the way around).

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