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jason wu for target

Here’s the complete lookbook for Jason Wu’s capsule collection for Target.  I’m not that stoked on it.  The only thing I really like at all is this cat-print scarf:

Nothing else is thrilling me, but sometimes it’s hard to tell in photos.  I’ll still check it out when the collection arrives in stores on February 5th.


rhinestone cowgirl

I.N.C. leopard swing coat, Target t-shirt and jeans, vintage cowboy boots, MAC Russian Red lipstick.

I always feel the most like myself when my outfit is a little on the ridiculous side.  This morning when I got dressed I was thinking about Exene Cervenka in her cowboy boots and red lipstick on New Year’s Eve.  I love that juxtaposition of glammy punk rock and relaxed country, and I think it’s pretty reflective of my personal style these days too.

My vintage rhinestone necklace was a swapmeet find that’s a little outside my normal aesthetic but that I really love, especially paired with casual stuff.  The mink jawbone necklace is from Skullery and was a Christmas gift from my roommate and heterosexual life partner Farron.  They’re not normally things I’d think to wear together, but I like the way the V-shape of the mink jaw kind of echoes the V-shape of the rhinestone necklace.

I picked up these old black Joe Sanchez cowboy boots a few years ago at a vintage store in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, while I was on a rowdy 1o-day jaunt across the South that included my making heart-shaped eyes at Unknown Hinson at the Star Bar in Atlanta and being thrown out of a Waffle House off the I-75 at 3:30 in the morning.  I love them not only because they are the perfect pair of basic cowboy boots, but also because they remind me of being 21 and partying all over Georgia with a bunch of awesome people I haven’t seen since.

make a goal, win some jewelry

It’s giveaway time.

This year you are gonna tell me what your resolutions for 2012 are and maybe win some really cute handmade jewelry from Letmenatalya!  I have two sweet little prize packages for you guys to kick off the new year with some new accessories.

To enter, just leave a comment here on this post telling me what your new year’s resolution is!  I’m looking for interesting, exciting, creative resolutions (because frankly I’m looking for some goals to piggyback on), so be as serious or as silly as you want.  Maybe you want to ride a motorcycle like Linda of Little Crazy Home, or maybe you’re going to stop peppering your conversations with the word “like” (which is not actually one of my resolutions but probably should be).  Maybe you just want to really nail the Axl Rose snake dance, which is a recurring resolution of mine every year.  Whatever you’re going to resolve to do, leave it in the comments and I’ll pick my two favorites to both co-opt and reward!

I’m going to leave the contest open for a week so we all get a little goal-setting grace period.  So you have until January 11th to get your resolutions in.  I’ll announce the winners on January 12th!

another day

Another day in my new workspace.  I’m getting so much done!

It’s always freezing in here so I’ve been wearing lots of layers.  I went to Target and bought a 5-pack of little boys’ A-shirts and I wear them under my sweaters, which I wear under jackets and coats…

Forever 21 letterman jacket, scarf, and sweater, Target jeans, UNIF loafers.

I like to be comfortable while I’m in here but I still want to look OK because I share the space with a lot of other people…plus the Volcom building is across the street and it is absolutely crawling with hot long-haired boys.

Wearing a lot of my favorite jewelry today.  My dude picked up a ton of vintage prayer medals at a yard sale a while back and I just made them all into little necklaces.  I’m selling them on my Etsy for $5 a pop (and they make good stocking stuffers, hint hint!) but I saved a couple of these Virgin Mary medals for myself.  I was raised Catholic and the iconography still really resonates with me. I particularly love the back of this St. Christopher medal:

Seems a little archaic, no?

P.S. I just updated my t-shirts page with some potential new designs I’ve been working on!  I’d love for you guys to weigh in.

au revoir, simone

Sartorially, not having a job is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because you never really have to dress up for anything.  It’s a curse for the same reason.  So many heels unworn for so long!  So many dresses left hanging empty on the rack!  Eventually I start feeling the burn of fashion ennui and end up putting on something completely inappropriate for the (non-)occasion, as was the case today, when I wore this outfit to…the office supply store:

H&M Divided sweater, GoJane glasses and platforms, Forever 21 skirt and tights.

Heart-print tights and goofy glasses add a little levity to what could be construed as a more Serious Outfit than how I wanted this to come off.  Sometimes a girl just has to wear her scalloped six inch platforms to pick up a stapler and some cardstock, you know?

choose your own adventure

It was one of those days where I essentially subsisted on coffee, so around 9:30 this evening I broke out in a rash of frenzied creativity and pumped out a couple of new pinback button designs for HiPPiE SPEEDBALL.  I love doing the 2.25″ buttons because they’re a fun way to get my amateur graphic designer rocks off without all the costs involved in printing tees (not that I’m not in love with printing tees, too, though!), and they’re super affordable.

I blame the caffeine for tonight’s newest button, which I think is pretty clever:

You use a Sharpie to write in whatever it is that you’re currently in ❤ with, and when you tire of whatever — or whomever — that may be, it’s super easy to wipe off the ink using nail polish remover (thanks for the tip, Mom!) so you can fill in the blank again…and again…and again.  Excellent for fickle lovers, people with strange hobbies, Pollyanna types who think everything is great, and pretentious hipsters who like bands so obscure they don’t even have merchandise yet.

I have a couple other new pin designs in the shop too.  An homage to narcissism/the Dead Boys with my “All This & More” button, and something truly ridiculous in the form of a kitty cat with googly eyes:

Thank god for coffee!  Maybe that’s what I should have filled in the blank with.


the ripper

I dug through my closet and got rid of enough stuff at Buffalo Exchange to make the UNIF Hellraisers my fall/winter shoe.  They arrived today and they’re amazing — super comfortable, well made, and ridiculously good looking.  I’m stoked on them and they’re going to be a perfect alternative for when I don’t want to wear boots this season.

Girlprops sunglasses, H&M Divided leather jacket, Hippie Speedball tee, Miss Sixty jeans, UNIF shoes, Forever 21 and vintage bracelets, Heritage 1981 scarf.

I’m wearing them with my own Hippie Speedball “Ripper Kitty” t-shirt.  (I’m obsessed with my t-shirts, OK?  They fit so good.)  I like the juxtaposition of the shoes with the ridiculous cat graphic on the tee.