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office space

For the past four months, I’ve been operating Hippie Speedball out of my kitchen, and it’s starting to get a little out of hand.  So I’m really excited to be moving into a studio space with my friend Jennie this weekend — it’s small, but having a place to spread out my work and get everything feeling a little more professional is going to be hugely motivating.

In reality, I know the space will be pretty bare bones for awhile, nothing glamorous (I’m broke, after all).  But here are a few things I wish I could have right away — some more attainable than others:

1.) Half my work is printed out on millions of pieces of paper that are currently stacked in random piles on the kitchen table, so a standing file with some drawers like this one from CB2 is going to be a must when I move.

2.) I’ve always had this fantasy of owning a Louis ghost chair, and Lexington Modern has a cute knockoff for under $100.  I don’t know how comfortable this would actually be, but it is adorable.

3.) I talk on the phone while I’m working on the computer a lot, and trying to cradle my smartphone between my cheek and shoulder while I type is unreliable and leaves blush smudges all over my touchscreen.  I really want one of these old-school handsets that connects to your cell phone via USB — I would have receptionist flashbacks in a good way.

4.) I spend a ton of time emailing files to myself right now so I can print them on separate computers because can you believe I don’t own a flash drive?  I want this one because it’s Hello Kitty and it can hang on my keyring where I know I won’t lose it.

5.) I’m obsessed with fonts and hand-drawn lettering.  I would love to have Hand Job: A Catalog of Type on my desk for reference and inspiration.

6.) I just really like this fist pencil cup from Urban Outfitters.  All my black Pilot Varsity pens (obsessed) would look great in there.

7.) In my new space I’m going to have easier access to my apparel in the screening stages and I’d like to have an instant camera so I can photograph and share what I’m working on with people without having to use the computer.  The Fujifilm Instax is exactly what I want.

8.) This is an oversized eraser that looks like a balloon poodle.  Sort of Jeff Koons-y, no?

9.) I’d like to be able to do my invoices and things on an old typewriter — maybe that’s a little precious, but I’ve always loved them and it would be nice to have a reprieve from the computer screen for a while every day.  Etsy is crowded with them; I like this simple midcentury Sears model.

10.) I’m selling this drawing of mine as a super cheap print and I want to frame and hang one over my desk so when I’m feeling like I can’t do anything I can look at it and remember at least I can draw naked ladies and little cat faces.

11.) This Ikea desk with built-in shelves is perfect.  I need it!


fantasy boudoir

I wouldn’t be mad if I woke up and all of these things were in my bedroom…

1.) Poppy King for J. Crew Lipstick, 2.) iamhome chalkboard skull, 3.) Fujifilm 210 Instax instant camera, 4.) Holly GoNightly sleep mask, 5.) Lexington Modern Louis ghost chair, 6.) Heals lips phone, 7.) Jimmyjane iconic bullet vibrator, 8.) Jonathan Adler “Dolls” canister, 9.) French Bedroom Company “Sassy Boo” black dressing stool, 10.) Urban Outfitters kitten cup ring dish,  11.) Encyclopedia of the Exquisite, 12.) “Death” lighter, 13.) Votivo Dalian glass Red Currant candle.

more stuff i like

1.) First off, currently obsessed with my Married To The Mob “420” romper, which I scored for ten bucks off PLNDR (and which I’m wearing here with cheapo swapmeet shades and $5 Mossimo canvas lace-ups from Target).  I pretty much only buy things if they are on deep, deep sale these days.

2.) This “Damn Fine Day” screenprint by Alisa Bobzien would be a welcome addition to my bedroom wall — a little positive reinforcement never hurt anyone, especially not at 6:10 AM.

3.) The message on this drapey tee from Asian supersite YesStyle is simple and to the point: “Love Me.”

4.) Speaking of love, how adorable is this 3D-printed nylon plastic BECAUSE U LOVE ME ring from ArchetypeZ?  The band is the word “BECAUSE,” and the “stone” is made up of the rest of the phrase, with the L-word front and center.

5.) I guess I have love on the brain because I also love these teeny little gold-rimmed heart earrings from ASOS.

6.) This bejeweled and beribboned Betsey Johnson leopard might be the funnest knuckle ring I’ve seen yet (and yes, I know “funnest” is not a word, but how else can you describe this?).

7.) The clever title on this chic little Archie Grand journal says EXCESSES I HAD AND LIKED, but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy there are 27 other categories to choose from — everything from “Faux Pas I Made And Liked” to “Lovers I Had And Liked” to “Secret Agents I Met And Liked” (it might take you a while to fill that one, though).

8.) I’m always looking for the next mascara that promises to make my eyelashes look like a drag queen’s, and I hear good things about this really cutely-designed Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara coming outta Japan.

9.) For fall I’m thinking I’m going to want a pair of menswearish loafers, and the tassels and ultra-bright color on this pair by KLASS via Topshop really appeal to me — and I think they’d look cute with shorts for the seasonal transition, too.

10.) I’m a dog person by nature, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think this plastic kitty cat barrette from France Luxe isn’t completely charming in a kindergarten kind of way.

recommended reading

I’m a big reader, and my girlfriends tend to use my large and constantly expanding book collection as a lending library.  I’m always loaning things out and forcing novels upon people.  If you’re looking for something to read at the beach (or the pool, or on your lunch break, or whatever) this summer, here are a few of the books I’m always recommending.

Generation X by Douglas Coupland (1991)
I’m a huge Coupland fan, and this unusual novel, his first, follows the banal lives of three twentysomething Gen-Xers wasting their lives away in the summer heat of Palm Springs.  The margins are loaded with ’90s-topical definitions and dictionary-style illustrations, and the characters are funny, weird, and compelling.

Just Kids by Patti Smith (2010)
This memoir of Patti Smith’s early romance and lifelong friendship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is one of the best things I have read in a really, really long time.  It’s astonishing just how many influential people’s paths these two just happened to fall across, and Smith’s writing is haunting and almost poetry-like.  This book will make your heart ache in a good way.

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh by Michael Chabon (1988)
This novel, one of my favorite books of all time, follows Art Bechstein as he spends the summer after college in Pittsburgh grappling with his life plans, his relationship with his mobster father, and his sexuality.  The descriptions and dialogue of Art’s friends and lovers are delicious, and the way Chabon writes is magic.  This book feels like summer in Pittsburgh; you can practically smell the hot concrete.

War All The Time: Poems 1981-1984 by Charles Bukowski
Is it uncool to be a Bukowski fan?  It kind of feels like a hipster cliché, but I don’t care because I’m not a hipster and Bukowski’s work is incredibly appealing to me.  This is my favorite collection of his writing.  I’m not usually very into poetry, but the way he writes about the standard Bukwoski fare — drinking, women, L.A. and the horse races– is so accessible and feels more like a vaguely inebriated stream-of-consciousness inner dialogue, a secret peek into his singular, crotchety, brilliant mind.

The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon by John “Bloodclot” Joseph (2007)
Even if you’re only a Cro-Mags fan in passing, this is a seriously awesome read.  The sheer heft of Bloodclot’s autobiography is a little daunting, as is his tendency to go off on tangents for pages and pages, leaving you often a little lost in the sequence of things, but it’s worth it — this man has had a fucking crazy life and he remembers every minute detail, from his childhood spent with horrific foster parents to his early teen years as a homeless drug pusher to his days in the military (before he went M.I.A.) and work as a Hare Krishna.  It’s kind of amazing that he somehow managed to fit in being the lead singer of one of the most influential hardcore punk bands in existence.  Seriously, seriously recommended for any punk.

What We Do Is Secret by Thorn Kief Hillberry (2005)
They made this into a movie which I heard was really awful, but don’t let that dissuade you.  What We Do Is Secret follows the Rockets Redglare, a barely-adolescent gay urchin roaming the streets of Southern California in the city’s punk rock heydey, shortly after the death of Germs frontman Darby Crash.  The main characters are all fictional, but the gang’s all here — X, the Adolescents, and so on are all prominently featured, and the novel is a rare and private look at the secreted gay scene that informed L.A. punk in the early ’80s.

St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised By Wolves
by Karen Russell (2007)
If you like short stories I cannot recommend this book enough.  Russell creates a hauntingly real-feeling world in the swampy southern backwoods and Everglades of Florida, with a cast of eccentric island characters and a series of incredible, unusual, real-feeling settings.  Every story is a diamond, and Russell’s new novel, Swamplandia!, a continuation of the story “Ava Wrestles The Alligator,” is an excellent follow-up to this collection.

What are your favorite summer reads?  Make me some recommendations!

summer love, punk rock style part 2

My friend Allison is a punk rock megababe from Brea who likes baking, Lemmy, and being a creep.  She chimed in with a few of her favorite romantic punk jams on my post a few days ago, and her picks were all so spot-on that I invited her to make her own list for you guys!  After you’ve checked out her top ten punk rock love songs, you should probably follow her on Twitter @AllisonMarie666.  Thanks again for contributing, Allison!  Here are her picks and commentary:

1. Silly Girl – The Descendents

Allison says:  I have no idea how Milo ever got turned down by any girl.  If I were ever to be serenaded by him, I would instantly melt. This song is so adorable, it makes you feel like you’re 14 and you just got your first boyfriend. Then again, just about every Descendents song about a girl makes me feel that way.

2. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend – The Ramones

Allison says: A classic! What better way to tell a girl how you really feel then to just let her know you wanna be her boyfriend. Probably one of the best ways to ask out any girl in a studded belt that you’re crushing on.

3. Please Don’t Touch – Motörhead/Girlschool

Allison says: Who would have thought Motörhead to be romantic? There are quite a few Motörhead songs that could have made the list, but I find this one to be the best (although “Jailbait” was a close second).  Sara adds: Oh, hell yeah.  When Lemmy remembers the first time he took her to a cheap motel, I get these weird tingles.

4.  GG Allin & the Jabbers – Cheri Love Affair

Allison says: I mentioned this one in my original comment, but I had to include it again. While he keeps it kinda sleazy with lines like, “looking at you make me cream in my jeans”,  GG redeems the sweetness by saying “I’d like to take ya to a real nice place”.  Dinner and sex, anyone?

5. Iggy & the Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog

Allison says: This song screams sweaty, sticky, summer love. A few beers, this record, a hot boy, and you are instantly in the heavy petting mood.

6. Nasty Facts – All Half Yours
(so fuckin punk it’s not even on Youtube!)
Allison says:
I didn’t hear about this band till I recieved my very own punk rock love song mix. This song is playful and fun, and perfect for that summer fling you may find yourself in.

7. The Damned – New Rose

Allison says: “I’ve got a feeling inside of me, it’s kinda strange like a stormy sea” — Isn’t this the way everyone feels when they start to fall in love without knowing it?

8. Stiff Little Fingers – Barbed Wire Love

Allison says: This one was chosen because it holds more sentimental value than anything. This song is great, Stiff Little Fingers is great, and it reminds me of being 18 and in love.

9. Black Flag – Slip It In

Allison says: This one is kinda a creeper on the list. I mostly put this on here for me. Something about Henry Rollins is so undeniably sexy, and listening to this song instantly makes me wanna make out. I’m kind of a pervert, Henry Rollins is a total babe, and so this made it!

10. The Undertones – Teenage Kicks

Allison says: I almost forgot about this one, and then I kicked myself in the ass for doing so. This song describes all the best parts about being young and in love, and is definitley in the top 10 punk rock love songs of all time.

Dude, she’s right on, right?  What are your punk rock love picks?  Let me know, and who knows, maybe you can make your own list!