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never comin back

Items from Etsy for when you feel like lighting a candle and reading Ham on Rye

1.) Abject Birth “Valley Of The Dolls” t-shirt, 2.) Burger & Friends vintage deadstock Minnie sunglasses, 3.) Mass Media “I Didn’t Go To Work Today” patch, 4.) Sleazy Seagull Bukowski t-shirt, 5.) Retro Stash vintage patch, 6.) Tizzalicious mushroom studs, 7.) Maggie’s Farm vintage midi skirt, 8.) Vegas Rebel distressed leather flask, 9.) My Little Fisheye Shop lighter necklace, 10.) My Little Fisheye Shop studded friendship bracelet, 11.) Peaceblossom Candles skull candle.

Man, even when I’m feeling moody it looks like a Valentine.


cool story, bro

Is there something wrong with me?  Do I spend too much time on the internet?  Is that why I kind of really want these laser-cut earrings from Sleek & Destroy?

more stuff i like

1.) First off, currently obsessed with my Married To The Mob “420” romper, which I scored for ten bucks off PLNDR (and which I’m wearing here with cheapo swapmeet shades and $5 Mossimo canvas lace-ups from Target).  I pretty much only buy things if they are on deep, deep sale these days.

2.) This “Damn Fine Day” screenprint by Alisa Bobzien would be a welcome addition to my bedroom wall — a little positive reinforcement never hurt anyone, especially not at 6:10 AM.

3.) The message on this drapey tee from Asian supersite YesStyle is simple and to the point: “Love Me.”

4.) Speaking of love, how adorable is this 3D-printed nylon plastic BECAUSE U LOVE ME ring from ArchetypeZ?  The band is the word “BECAUSE,” and the “stone” is made up of the rest of the phrase, with the L-word front and center.

5.) I guess I have love on the brain because I also love these teeny little gold-rimmed heart earrings from ASOS.

6.) This bejeweled and beribboned Betsey Johnson leopard might be the funnest knuckle ring I’ve seen yet (and yes, I know “funnest” is not a word, but how else can you describe this?).

7.) The clever title on this chic little Archie Grand journal says EXCESSES I HAD AND LIKED, but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy there are 27 other categories to choose from — everything from “Faux Pas I Made And Liked” to “Lovers I Had And Liked” to “Secret Agents I Met And Liked” (it might take you a while to fill that one, though).

8.) I’m always looking for the next mascara that promises to make my eyelashes look like a drag queen’s, and I hear good things about this really cutely-designed Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara coming outta Japan.

9.) For fall I’m thinking I’m going to want a pair of menswearish loafers, and the tassels and ultra-bright color on this pair by KLASS via Topshop really appeal to me — and I think they’d look cute with shorts for the seasonal transition, too.

10.) I’m a dog person by nature, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think this plastic kitty cat barrette from France Luxe isn’t completely charming in a kindergarten kind of way.

some stuff i want

Just a few items from around the Web that I’m kinda lusting after…

1. John Waters’ Female Trouble is one of my favorite flicks (I even forced my now-boyfriend to watch it with me on one of our first dates) and Divine is Dawn Davenport is my ultimate style icon, so how good is this t-shirt from Sleazy Seagull?

2. These Lipsy dotted bow stud earrings from ASOS totally remind me of Minnie Mouse.

3. I like sending my dude cards through the mail.  The tricky part is keeping my mouth shut about it until he receives them.  I like these cute Gocco-printed cards: a big graphic “♥ you” from Julia Made and a pair of copulating octopi from Three Dog Party, both on Etsy.

4. AHHH, GOD.  How good are these limited-edition ribbon sunglasses by Tatty Devine for John Lewis?  They’re a hair over $100, which is a bit rich for what are essentially novelty shades, but a girl can daydream.

5. As an unabashed bibliophile I’m pretty in love with this letter-print scarf from Patricia Field.

6. Wanda Jackson’s latest album, The Party Ain’t Over, was produced by and features Jack White and it’s really good and I’m really mad I still don’t have it on my Ipod.

7. Really into this shimmery electric blue nail polish, Zoya “Tallulah,” which is the color of an awesome swimming pool and is therefore perfect for summer.

8. Twin Peaks buttons!  Featuring all the best characters and their greatest lines!  For only $3 a set!  This is a “collect ’em all!” kind of situation.

9. Nice girls don’t wear cha-cha heels which is why I’m currently a little obsessed with getting the ultimate retro-feeling pair.  These Bordello mules are basically right on.

hello tuesday

My barista told me I looked “very New York” this morning, but I don’t know if he’s ever been to New York.  I’m feeling kinda more…Toontown, to be honest.

Mossimo for Target cardigan, MaxStudio bandage dress, Stop Staring! patent belt, Heritage 1981 scarf, Breckelle’s platform heels, Classic Hardware heart charm bracelet.

I’m wearing these tiny silly Hello Kitty earrings meant for babies — three pairs for 99¢.  Can’t beat that.  I’m not even that into Hello Kitty, and I still couldn’t resist.  She’s just so cute!

Also working another pair of press-on nails today…I’m admittedly a semi-convert at this point.  These are by Fing’rs Edge Hardcore Nail Addict, which is a pretty intense name:

I like ’em though!  Easy to apply, and they look nice and don’t feel weird or anything.  I trimmed down the thumbnails a bit; for some reason they always look way longer and creepily squared off compared to the other nails in the set.  They’re mega tacky, of course, but at this point you should know Tacky is one of my many middle names.