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another day

Another day in my new workspace.  I’m getting so much done!

It’s always freezing in here so I’ve been wearing lots of layers.  I went to Target and bought a 5-pack of little boys’ A-shirts and I wear them under my sweaters, which I wear under jackets and coats…

Forever 21 letterman jacket, scarf, and sweater, Target jeans, UNIF loafers.

I like to be comfortable while I’m in here but I still want to look OK because I share the space with a lot of other people…plus the Volcom building is across the street and it is absolutely crawling with hot long-haired boys.

Wearing a lot of my favorite jewelry today.  My dude picked up a ton of vintage prayer medals at a yard sale a while back and I just made them all into little necklaces.  I’m selling them on my Etsy for $5 a pop (and they make good stocking stuffers, hint hint!) but I saved a couple of these Virgin Mary medals for myself.  I was raised Catholic and the iconography still really resonates with me. I particularly love the back of this St. Christopher medal:

Seems a little archaic, no?

P.S. I just updated my t-shirts page with some potential new designs I’ve been working on!  I’d love for you guys to weigh in.

au revoir, simone

Sartorially, not having a job is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because you never really have to dress up for anything.  It’s a curse for the same reason.  So many heels unworn for so long!  So many dresses left hanging empty on the rack!  Eventually I start feeling the burn of fashion ennui and end up putting on something completely inappropriate for the (non-)occasion, as was the case today, when I wore this outfit to…the office supply store:

H&M Divided sweater, GoJane glasses and platforms, Forever 21 skirt and tights.

Heart-print tights and goofy glasses add a little levity to what could be construed as a more Serious Outfit than how I wanted this to come off.  Sometimes a girl just has to wear her scalloped six inch platforms to pick up a stapler and some cardstock, you know?

dressing up

I got roped into attending something called the hitRECord Fall Formal tonight in downtown L.A.  I don’t know anything about it except that it seems kinda hipstery, my childhood TV crush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is somehow involved, and that it is a somewhat fancy affair.

I haven’t really dressed up for anything since I lost my job.  I’ve barely worn heels since I lost my job, honestly.  I’m feeling a little off my dress-up game.  But after much hemming and hawing I think I figured out what I’ll wear tonight:

Forever 21 dress and scarf, H&M Divided coat, Target tights, GoJane.com platforms.

I hope this will do me all right.  It would be kind of embarrassing if I showed up and everyone else was done up to the nines…but these days I think I only really go up to six or seven.

tomboy beat

Letterman jacket plus saddle shoes toes the line of costumey, but I think I kept the rest of today’s outfit slim and simple enough that I don’t look like an extra in Grease or anything.  I’ve been desperate for a pair of saddle shoes for ages and when I found these for $20 on Amazon I had to snap them up.  They are like…perfect.  I’m obsessed.

Forever 21 shirt, jacket, and earrings, KISS sunglasses, Mossimo for Target jeggings, Funtasma saddle shoes, We Love Colors pink ankle socks.

season of the witch

My friend Kristina is an accessories buyer at Forever 21 and she sent me over this Missoni-esque headwrap to style.  I don’t usually wear this color scheme but I knew I had a sweet old Blood Is The New Black t-shirt that would go with it perfectly, and I ended up loving what I came up with:

Forever 21 headwrap (knotted in front), H&M sweater, Blood Is The New Black t-shirt, Forever 21 shorts, Minnetonka moccasins, Girlprops half-tint sunglasses.

valentine in july

That’s what I feel like today…

I like this pink striped miniskirt; since it’s pretty body-skimming I kept things conservative up top:

Forever 21 miniskirt, H&M button-up shirt, Report flats, Banana Republic studded bar necklace, Classic Hardware heart charm bracelet, Forever 21 patent belt.

I’ve got Fing’rs Edge press-ons on again today, this time sheer with pink and black argyle-patterned tips.  Decorative French tips sorta make me feel like a softcore porn actress, but at the same time I kind of like that whole cheesy vibe.

Over the weekend I also tried out another 99¢ brand of crackle nail polish, Santee Shatter in neon pink, on my toes:

I think this brand might be my favorite of all the crackle polishes I’ve tried; the pattern comes out just right.  I painted it on over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Petal Pusher.

nerds! nerds! nerds!

My boyfriend likes to tease me by saying I am totally a member of Omega Mu, the geeky girl sorority from Revenge of the Nerds.  After years of trying to hide from my innate nerdiness, at 25 I am ready to embrace it.  I always feel oddly comfortable working my version of the prim weird nerd girl look:

Forever 21 dress, heart ring, and ankle socks, Sam Edelman slingbacks, glasses from the Del Amo Indoor Swapmeet, rhinestone rose ring from the 99¢ bodega.  OPI nail polish in Need Sunglasses? with Cherimoya 2012 Cracked in Trinity.