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cat’s meow

I’m a sucker for a funny print, so I love this dress covered in little cats wearing bowties.  (Incidentally this is one of two dresses I own that has cats in bowties printed on it.)

H&M Divided dress and leather, Target tights, F21 wedges and scarf.

Over at Get Off My Internets there’s a conversation going on about the prevalence of the “fashion blogger topknot.”   The consensus over there is that everyone hates it and that it should only be worn to the gym and while kicking around the house.  But I gotta say…I’m lazy, so when the topknot started showing up on the runways I was stoked.  I think it’s cute and easy and a decent alternative to a ponytail, plus when you take it out after a few hours your hair is all bouncy and curly, which is an added bonus.  Still, I can understand why some people hate it.

What do you guys think of topknots?  Pretty cute or strictly for when no one’s looking?

casual tuesday

Every day is a casual day now that I’m unemployed self-employed.

Xhileration for Target striped cami, Forever 21 sailor shorts, H&M Divided leopard cardi, KISS sunglasses, Mossimo for Target canvas lace-ups, Camputee Press tote bag.

I run a lot of errands during the day these days so I’m loving my big tote bag from Camputee Press, which can hold packages to ship out, my laptop, Wacom tablet, camera, wallet, cell phone, and a change of clothes — basically my whole life.  It’s pretty much the perfect tote.

Also, I got some bangs…

It’s not a huge change, but it still feels really different to me after my hair just hung there for so long.  I just went to Supercuts, and I only had to fix it a little bit when I got home, so I consider this haircut a success.  I really like having bangs again.

season of the witch

My friend Kristina is an accessories buyer at Forever 21 and she sent me over this Missoni-esque headwrap to style.  I don’t usually wear this color scheme but I knew I had a sweet old Blood Is The New Black t-shirt that would go with it perfectly, and I ended up loving what I came up with:

Forever 21 headwrap (knotted in front), H&M sweater, Blood Is The New Black t-shirt, Forever 21 shorts, Minnetonka moccasins, Girlprops half-tint sunglasses.


Here are a few things I have my eye on (yeah right, keep dreaming, Sara!) that fit in with the tough-femme pinky violence girl gang thing I’m kinda feeling right now.

1.) How cute are these Wayfarer-style sunglasses from Bumblebeee Tuna on Etsy, embellished with a Barbie-esque pink polka dot bow?

2.) I don’t have a motorcycle or a thousand plus to spend on a killer custom helmet, but if I did I would get one of these amazing French helmets by Atelier Ruby so fast your head would spin.  Seriously mouthwatering.  It looks like candy.

3.) These lightweight plastic balloon balls from Now, Voyager are hair clips and I’m kind of obsessed with how cute and strange they are.

4.) Actual Pain just plain makes some of the sickest tanks and tees around and I like this understated logo design.

5.) Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Hot Pants” is a sweet cotton-candy pink that would soften up a black leather jacket real nice.

6.) OK, full disclosure: I ordered these gorgeous calf hair Steve Madden “Westii” wedges before I lost my job.  They’ll probably arrive in the next couple of days and I am really looking forward to the leopard-print pick-me-up.

7.) This “Ride With Me” crystal cuff from Betsey Johnson would look so good with that motorcycle I don’t have.

8.) Bunnies walking a dog on a bright pink sweater?  What the hell?  Topshop, I love you sometimes.

barbie girl

Contrary to what my euphoric expression in the above photo might lead you to believe, I was never big into Barbies as a kid, choosing instead to split my time between My Little Pony and a pretty epic Brio wooden train set.  Still, as you may recall, when I came across the “Doll For A Day” plastic headband in the Barbie Collector catalog,  I was like, I want that.

So I got it.  And, just as I suspected, it’s totes cute.

I’m still not a big Barbie fan though.  She seems kind of stuck-up.

H&M Divided leopard cardigan, Old Navy trapeze dress, Stop Staring! patent belt, glasses and Breckelle’s aqua suedette platforms from the Del Amo Indoor Swapmeet, Forever 21 scarf, Barbie Collector headband