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au revoir, simone

Sartorially, not having a job is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because you never really have to dress up for anything.  It’s a curse for the same reason.  So many heels unworn for so long!  So many dresses left hanging empty on the rack!  Eventually I start feeling the burn of fashion ennui and end up putting on something completely inappropriate for the (non-)occasion, as was the case today, when I wore this outfit to…the office supply store:

H&M Divided sweater, GoJane glasses and platforms, Forever 21 skirt and tights.

Heart-print tights and goofy glasses add a little levity to what could be construed as a more Serious Outfit than how I wanted this to come off.  Sometimes a girl just has to wear her scalloped six inch platforms to pick up a stapler and some cardstock, you know?

dressing up

I got roped into attending something called the hitRECord Fall Formal tonight in downtown L.A.  I don’t know anything about it except that it seems kinda hipstery, my childhood TV crush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is somehow involved, and that it is a somewhat fancy affair.

I haven’t really dressed up for anything since I lost my job.  I’ve barely worn heels since I lost my job, honestly.  I’m feeling a little off my dress-up game.  But after much hemming and hawing I think I figured out what I’ll wear tonight:

Forever 21 dress and scarf, H&M Divided coat, Target tights, GoJane.com platforms.

I hope this will do me all right.  It would be kind of embarrassing if I showed up and everyone else was done up to the nines…but these days I think I only really go up to six or seven.

valentine in july

That’s what I feel like today…

I like this pink striped miniskirt; since it’s pretty body-skimming I kept things conservative up top:

Forever 21 miniskirt, H&M button-up shirt, Report flats, Banana Republic studded bar necklace, Classic Hardware heart charm bracelet, Forever 21 patent belt.

I’ve got Fing’rs Edge press-ons on again today, this time sheer with pink and black argyle-patterned tips.  Decorative French tips sorta make me feel like a softcore porn actress, but at the same time I kind of like that whole cheesy vibe.

Over the weekend I also tried out another 99¢ brand of crackle nail polish, Santee Shatter in neon pink, on my toes:

I think this brand might be my favorite of all the crackle polishes I’ve tried; the pattern comes out just right.  I painted it on over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Petal Pusher.

black white and red all over

Keeping it pretty basic today.  H&M shirt, Forever 21 belt, American Apparel pencil skirt, and Sam Edelman platforms.

My star-tipped nails are press-ons from the 99¢ bodega.  They were obscenely long to begin with so I trimmed and filed them down quite a bit and then painted a coat of Deborah Lippman “Birthday Party” glitter polish over the top.

plain and simple

Here’s a very basic outfit that I wore while I was on hiatus from blogging…

H&M shirt, Mossimo for Target jeggings, Report flats, vintage Indonesian stone devil’s head necklace.