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make a goal, win some jewelry

It’s giveaway time.

This year you are gonna tell me what your resolutions for 2012 are and maybe win some really cute handmade jewelry from Letmenatalya!  I have two sweet little prize packages for you guys to kick off the new year with some new accessories.

To enter, just leave a comment here on this post telling me what your new year’s resolution is!  I’m looking for interesting, exciting, creative resolutions (because frankly I’m looking for some goals to piggyback on), so be as serious or as silly as you want.  Maybe you want to ride a motorcycle like Linda of Little Crazy Home, or maybe you’re going to stop peppering your conversations with the word “like” (which is not actually one of my resolutions but probably should be).  Maybe you just want to really nail the Axl Rose snake dance, which is a recurring resolution of mine every year.  Whatever you’re going to resolve to do, leave it in the comments and I’ll pick my two favorites to both co-opt and reward!

I’m going to leave the contest open for a week so we all get a little goal-setting grace period.  So you have until January 11th to get your resolutions in.  I’ll announce the winners on January 12th!

the ripper

I dug through my closet and got rid of enough stuff at Buffalo Exchange to make the UNIF Hellraisers my fall/winter shoe.  They arrived today and they’re amazing — super comfortable, well made, and ridiculously good looking.  I’m stoked on them and they’re going to be a perfect alternative for when I don’t want to wear boots this season.

Girlprops sunglasses, H&M Divided leather jacket, Hippie Speedball tee, Miss Sixty jeans, UNIF shoes, Forever 21 and vintage bracelets, Heritage 1981 scarf.

I’m wearing them with my own Hippie Speedball “Ripper Kitty” t-shirt.  (I’m obsessed with my t-shirts, OK?  They fit so good.)  I like the juxtaposition of the shoes with the ridiculous cat graphic on the tee.

things i want for fall

1.) I already have a pair of half-tint sunglasses but the perfect roundness of this 80s Purple pair is so good.

2.) I’ll be in San Francisco in late November so I’m going to need a heavier coat. Ideally I want something in an unusual color, so I’m really feeling the retro shape and slightly offbeat pink of this ASOS A-line coat.

3.) I’ve been spending a lot of time writing and recording music at home on GarageBand lately, and I really want a Stylophone — a pocket synthesizer invented in 1967 that’s operated with a stylus and has been used by artists like Kraftwerk and David Bowie.  It’s cheap (about $20) and compact, perfect for hyper-amateur musicians on the go like me.

4.) If Chanel is any indicator (which it always is), pale blue will be a popular nail color for the fall/winter season.  I like OPI’s “What’s With The Cattitude?”

5.) Well, these are skinny jeans with unicorns printed on them, so, nuff said.

6.) I’m completely obsessed with the UNIF Hellraiser loafer.  It’s a little out of my price range but I’m considering saving my pennies because it’s basically perfect.

7.) Uh, everything about this Actual Pain “Immortal Mouse” tank is incredible.

8.) And how good would this Disney Couture “Minnie X Mawi” black pearl ring look with it?

9.) I’m doing a lot of traveling this fall and I want to start documenting my trips in different ways.  I’m interested in getting an easy-to-use film camera like this Holga 120.  I’m so used to the instant gratification of digital photography that I think taking film photos might lead to some good, or at least funny, shots.

the unemployment chronicles

Man, turns out being unemployed is a great way to do things you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to.  Today I did two!

First off I made a couple of necklaces:

I’m going to be making more and selling them on Etsy, I think, because I’m really happy with how they turned out. The skulls are clay with melted glass eyes and they look better in person, I think.

Second of all I tested out the Konad French Manicure nail stamp kit Beauty Knockout sent me.  I’ve seen girls online with Konad-stamped nails, but this was my first time using the system.

It’s pretty cool — you apply polish to a special image plate and then stamp the image onto your nails using a little bingo-dauber-type tool.  My first try didn’t go so smoothly, but practice makes perfect and it still looks pretty cute:


Here are a few things I have my eye on (yeah right, keep dreaming, Sara!) that fit in with the tough-femme pinky violence girl gang thing I’m kinda feeling right now.

1.) How cute are these Wayfarer-style sunglasses from Bumblebeee Tuna on Etsy, embellished with a Barbie-esque pink polka dot bow?

2.) I don’t have a motorcycle or a thousand plus to spend on a killer custom helmet, but if I did I would get one of these amazing French helmets by Atelier Ruby so fast your head would spin.  Seriously mouthwatering.  It looks like candy.

3.) These lightweight plastic balloon balls from Now, Voyager are hair clips and I’m kind of obsessed with how cute and strange they are.

4.) Actual Pain just plain makes some of the sickest tanks and tees around and I like this understated logo design.

5.) Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Hot Pants” is a sweet cotton-candy pink that would soften up a black leather jacket real nice.

6.) OK, full disclosure: I ordered these gorgeous calf hair Steve Madden “Westii” wedges before I lost my job.  They’ll probably arrive in the next couple of days and I am really looking forward to the leopard-print pick-me-up.

7.) This “Ride With Me” crystal cuff from Betsey Johnson would look so good with that motorcycle I don’t have.

8.) Bunnies walking a dog on a bright pink sweater?  What the hell?  Topshop, I love you sometimes.

more stuff i like

1.) First off, currently obsessed with my Married To The Mob “420” romper, which I scored for ten bucks off PLNDR (and which I’m wearing here with cheapo swapmeet shades and $5 Mossimo canvas lace-ups from Target).  I pretty much only buy things if they are on deep, deep sale these days.

2.) This “Damn Fine Day” screenprint by Alisa Bobzien would be a welcome addition to my bedroom wall — a little positive reinforcement never hurt anyone, especially not at 6:10 AM.

3.) The message on this drapey tee from Asian supersite YesStyle is simple and to the point: “Love Me.”

4.) Speaking of love, how adorable is this 3D-printed nylon plastic BECAUSE U LOVE ME ring from ArchetypeZ?  The band is the word “BECAUSE,” and the “stone” is made up of the rest of the phrase, with the L-word front and center.

5.) I guess I have love on the brain because I also love these teeny little gold-rimmed heart earrings from ASOS.

6.) This bejeweled and beribboned Betsey Johnson leopard might be the funnest knuckle ring I’ve seen yet (and yes, I know “funnest” is not a word, but how else can you describe this?).

7.) The clever title on this chic little Archie Grand journal says EXCESSES I HAD AND LIKED, but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy there are 27 other categories to choose from — everything from “Faux Pas I Made And Liked” to “Lovers I Had And Liked” to “Secret Agents I Met And Liked” (it might take you a while to fill that one, though).

8.) I’m always looking for the next mascara that promises to make my eyelashes look like a drag queen’s, and I hear good things about this really cutely-designed Fairy Drops Scandal Queen mascara coming outta Japan.

9.) For fall I’m thinking I’m going to want a pair of menswearish loafers, and the tassels and ultra-bright color on this pair by KLASS via Topshop really appeal to me — and I think they’d look cute with shorts for the seasonal transition, too.

10.) I’m a dog person by nature, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think this plastic kitty cat barrette from France Luxe isn’t completely charming in a kindergarten kind of way.

squared away

Hi guys!

This cardigan was on sale for $5 on the Forever 21 website so I gave it a shot.  Proportionally it’s a little weird because of its length, but it works over a longer-line dress like this one the girls from Stop Staring! sent me last year.

Mainly though today I’m stoked on my Cheap Monday cube bangle, which was a score on PLNDR and which is causing everyone around me to freak out.  Talk about a conversation piece.  People who you wouldn’t expect to notice a gal’s jewelry at all have been all over this thing all day today.  I really love it.

more drawn style

Here are a couple more styling illustrations I did for my friends.  Thanks for all the feedback on my last drawings!  Those of you who emailed me asking for drawings of your own, I really appreciate the interest!  I’m pretty slammed right now but I’ll keep you posted, as in a couple of months I’ll be launching an online store where you can order hyper-customized personal styling illustrations like these ones for super duper cheap!  In the meantime here are a couple more of my test subjects:

Darcie didn’t really know how to define her style, but she loves her Frye boots and the color green, so I pulled together a fallish look for her that incorporates both:

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela knot necklace from Shopbop, ASOS blouse, Victoria’s Secret leopard trench, Moto skinny jeans from Topshop, Shop Suey Boutique satchel, Frye boots, Mark Pawson eyes badges from Tatty Devine, Zoya nail polish in Scarlet, pyrite knuckle ring from Urban Outfitters.

Brooke has cool, edgy style and selected a couple of pieces for me to build an outfit around:

Dylan and Rose denim jacket from Modcloth, Greatest Friend vintage dress via Etsy, vintage Thompson Twins button via Ebay, Low Luv x Erin Wasson evil eye cuff, American Apparel fishnet ankle socks, Deborah Lippman nail polish in Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Revlon Moon Drops lipstick in Hot Coral, Brooke’s own bag, Topshop creepers, star ring from Nasty Gal.

Check out more of my fashion illustrations at http://yournewoutfit.tumblr.com (and email me if you’d like to order one and you just can’t wait until the site launches)!