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make a goal, win some jewelry

It’s giveaway time.

This year you are gonna tell me what your resolutions for 2012 are and maybe win some really cute handmade jewelry from Letmenatalya!  I have two sweet little prize packages for you guys to kick off the new year with some new accessories.

To enter, just leave a comment here on this post telling me what your new year’s resolution is!  I’m looking for interesting, exciting, creative resolutions (because frankly I’m looking for some goals to piggyback on), so be as serious or as silly as you want.  Maybe you want to ride a motorcycle like Linda of Little Crazy Home, or maybe you’re going to stop peppering your conversations with the word “like” (which is not actually one of my resolutions but probably should be).  Maybe you just want to really nail the Axl Rose snake dance, which is a recurring resolution of mine every year.  Whatever you’re going to resolve to do, leave it in the comments and I’ll pick my two favorites to both co-opt and reward!

I’m going to leave the contest open for a week so we all get a little goal-setting grace period.  So you have until January 11th to get your resolutions in.  I’ll announce the winners on January 12th!