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another day

Another day in my new workspace.  I’m getting so much done!

It’s always freezing in here so I’ve been wearing lots of layers.  I went to Target and bought a 5-pack of little boys’ A-shirts and I wear them under my sweaters, which I wear under jackets and coats…

Forever 21 letterman jacket, scarf, and sweater, Target jeans, UNIF loafers.

I like to be comfortable while I’m in here but I still want to look OK because I share the space with a lot of other people…plus the Volcom building is across the street and it is absolutely crawling with hot long-haired boys.

Wearing a lot of my favorite jewelry today.  My dude picked up a ton of vintage prayer medals at a yard sale a while back and I just made them all into little necklaces.  I’m selling them on my Etsy for $5 a pop (and they make good stocking stuffers, hint hint!) but I saved a couple of these Virgin Mary medals for myself.  I was raised Catholic and the iconography still really resonates with me. I particularly love the back of this St. Christopher medal:

Seems a little archaic, no?

P.S. I just updated my t-shirts page with some potential new designs I’ve been working on!  I’d love for you guys to weigh in.

au revoir, simone

Sartorially, not having a job is both a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because you never really have to dress up for anything.  It’s a curse for the same reason.  So many heels unworn for so long!  So many dresses left hanging empty on the rack!  Eventually I start feeling the burn of fashion ennui and end up putting on something completely inappropriate for the (non-)occasion, as was the case today, when I wore this outfit to…the office supply store:

H&M Divided sweater, GoJane glasses and platforms, Forever 21 skirt and tights.

Heart-print tights and goofy glasses add a little levity to what could be construed as a more Serious Outfit than how I wanted this to come off.  Sometimes a girl just has to wear her scalloped six inch platforms to pick up a stapler and some cardstock, you know?


Here are a few things I have my eye on (yeah right, keep dreaming, Sara!) that fit in with the tough-femme pinky violence girl gang thing I’m kinda feeling right now.

1.) How cute are these Wayfarer-style sunglasses from Bumblebeee Tuna on Etsy, embellished with a Barbie-esque pink polka dot bow?

2.) I don’t have a motorcycle or a thousand plus to spend on a killer custom helmet, but if I did I would get one of these amazing French helmets by Atelier Ruby so fast your head would spin.  Seriously mouthwatering.  It looks like candy.

3.) These lightweight plastic balloon balls from Now, Voyager are hair clips and I’m kind of obsessed with how cute and strange they are.

4.) Actual Pain just plain makes some of the sickest tanks and tees around and I like this understated logo design.

5.) Urban Decay eyeshadow in “Hot Pants” is a sweet cotton-candy pink that would soften up a black leather jacket real nice.

6.) OK, full disclosure: I ordered these gorgeous calf hair Steve Madden “Westii” wedges before I lost my job.  They’ll probably arrive in the next couple of days and I am really looking forward to the leopard-print pick-me-up.

7.) This “Ride With Me” crystal cuff from Betsey Johnson would look so good with that motorcycle I don’t have.

8.) Bunnies walking a dog on a bright pink sweater?  What the hell?  Topshop, I love you sometimes.

hello tuesday

My barista told me I looked “very New York” this morning, but I don’t know if he’s ever been to New York.  I’m feeling kinda more…Toontown, to be honest.

Mossimo for Target cardigan, MaxStudio bandage dress, Stop Staring! patent belt, Heritage 1981 scarf, Breckelle’s platform heels, Classic Hardware heart charm bracelet.

I’m wearing these tiny silly Hello Kitty earrings meant for babies — three pairs for 99¢.  Can’t beat that.  I’m not even that into Hello Kitty, and I still couldn’t resist.  She’s just so cute!

Also working another pair of press-on nails today…I’m admittedly a semi-convert at this point.  These are by Fing’rs Edge Hardcore Nail Addict, which is a pretty intense name:

I like ’em though!  Easy to apply, and they look nice and don’t feel weird or anything.  I trimmed down the thumbnails a bit; for some reason they always look way longer and creepily squared off compared to the other nails in the set.  They’re mega tacky, of course, but at this point you should know Tacky is one of my many middle names.

prized possession

My green punk sweater is the oldest thing in my wardrobe.  I’ve had it for ten years and it’s one of my favorite things.  Recently I brought it out of retirement and I think I love it even more now than I did when I was in high school.

I bought it at Galaxy Exchange in Costa Mesa when I was 15, the summer between my sophomore and junior year of high school.  My mom had given me $150 to go back-to-school shopping and when I came across this E.C. Star cardigan on the one rack of new clothes in the place, I think I actually caught my breath.  It had gas masks and radioactive symbols embroidered on it and I thought it was incredibly cool.

The only evidence left that this cardigan once had gas masks on it.

It was also $58.00, which at the time was more than I had ever spent on a single item of clothing.  I wanted it, but buying it meant blowing almost half of my back-to-school wardrobe budget.  I put it on hold and left and hit up a few other stores, but in the end I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I went back and plunked down three twenties and some change.  I was going to look so rad on the first day of school.  And I did.  Everyone complimented me on my amazing cardigan, and I was like, Aww, yeah.  Best sixty bucks I ever spent.

A year or so later all my friends had cool leather jackets covered with patches and studs and band logos painted on with special paint and I was totally jealous and my gas mask cardigan didn’t seem so cool anymore.  I knew my own leather jacket was totally out of the question (that would come later), but I had a couple cool patches and nothing to stick them on.  The solution was clear.

After that, I was golden.  I was of the opinion that my hand-painted Richard Hell patch made me the coolest ’77 kid around.  Other punks had their leathers and denims.  I had my green cardigan.  I was rarely without it.  I posted photos of myself wearing it in the old punk_fashion LiveJournal community (where my p_f’ers at?) and for years afterwards I got emails from girls, total strangers, offering me money for it.  No amount of money could pry this thing off me.  It was the punkest thing I owned.  It was practically part of my identity.

I sewed my patches on with dental floss, the tru punx way.  Dry clean only?  Yeah, right.

At some point, maybe around when I hit 21, I thought it was about time to retire the cardigan.  I had just gotten my grown-up office job and I was trying to be more chic and adult in general and wearing the green punk sweater made me feel like a kid, so I relegated it to the back of my closet.  But I could never quite bring myself to get rid of it.  I moved twice and both times the cardigan came with me.

Then, about a month ago, I opened my closet and saw it winking at me from where it’d been hanging out in the back for three years.  I was about to head out on a short tour with Cunt Sparrer and had generally been feeling like my 25th year was definitely the most punk rock year of my life so far.  Why not dust off the old green sweater and trot it out?

Putting it on felt like being with an old friend again.  It fit perfect.  I still remembered the way it felt, how the buttons are a little tight in the buttonholes, how it hangs just a little funny from years of washing when it was really meant to be dry-cleaned.  I looked at myself in the mirror.  Yes, I thought.  I missed you.

I brought it with me on Cunt Sparrer’s jaunt up to Tahoe, Sacramento, and San Francisco at the beginning of this month.  There’s something a little full-circle about wearing my ten-year-old punk sweater and playing the punk songs I fell in love with ten years ago, and I’m so glad I never got rid of it.  I know I’ll hold onto this thing forever.  I like the idea of giving it to my kid one day, but honestly I’ll probably never be able to part with it.