It’s that time again — check out some of my potential new designs and weigh in on which ones you like!

Speedball Print

I Was A Teenage Werewolf

Bite It You Scum

Three Kitties

Search & Destroy

We’re The Sluts (this is an old design that I’m still obsessed with…I modified the lettering slightly)

I’m also planning on doing two full-print 27″ x 27″ scarves:

Speedball Print

All Things Holy

Which ones would you be most inclined to buy?  Do you have other ideas for products that I could print on or other designs you might like to see?  Leave me comments on this post — your input was hugely helpful on my first run of shirts, and I want to keep that collaborative spirit going and make things that people will want to buy and wear.

My shirts are all printed on high-quality Bella and American Apparel tees and tanks that have an amazing, loose fit and are super soft and ever-so-slightly sheer.  These aren’t your run-of-the-mill crunchy Hanes beefy tees, and anyone who has ordered one of my first run of shirts will tell you how great they feel.  Here’s Jackie of The Living Mannequin rocking her “I’M OK” long loose tee:

You can buy my first run of shirts now in the HiPPiE SPEEDBALL shop on Etsy or at www.speedballshop.com.


16 responses to “T-Shirts

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  2. IGGY IGGY IGGY IGGY IGGY!! Hell girl, I’ll forward you money right this second for that one.

    Oh, and the Speedball Print Scarf.

  3. I want that Search & Destroy shirt SO BAD. I would also definitely buy the All Things Holy scarf. I love your designs!!

  4. Love “I was a teenage Werewolf” & “Search & Destroy”! Hell in reality I love/would buy all of them,but I don’t have much of a life outside work/school at the moment.

  5. TEENAGE WEREWOLF!! I want one for my very own!!!!

  6. I am really digging both the Speedball and All Things Holy prints for scarves! Would you consider doing a bulkier, circle-scarf type model? Perhaps in a baby pink or bright red to give them some pop?

    Also, totally in ❤ with the G.G., Three Kitties and Teenage Werewolf shirts… would love them even more if you offered them on totes, too!

  7. I ❤ the holy scarf and the kitten t-shirt. those rock so hard.

  8. search and destroy & teenage werewolf are my favs. i love your all things holy print hard!

  9. Speedball print, Bite it you scum, Search & destroy, and we’re the sluts! I love both scarves, they would totally work.

  10. Omg I would wear the 3 kittens shirt so hard!!!!

  11. Speedball print scarf!

  12. I love all of these, tbh! Especially, the all over pin up print, teenage werewolf, and bite it, you scum.

  13. i would definitely buy the all things holy scarf. and probably the speedball print scarf too.

  14. I’ve gotta say, the ones that I want to snatch up the most are Search and Destroy, Teenage Werewolf and Bite It, Scum (ESPECIALLY bite it). Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  15. Oh, and Holy Scarf!!!!

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